I was contacted by Vincent of Tzai Entertainment a few days ago about his forth coming vertical shooter. At the moment there is only a trailer video for you to feast your eyes on but it looks a really cool looking game. A slight difference though is that you get to choose the music from your own collection of mp3 and the bullet patterns that try to destroy you are determined by the kind of track you are playing I’ve never seen this done with a shmup so am interested to get my hands on this to give it a proper go and report back on it then For now go over to their site and check it out.

Click Here


Nathan from Mommy’s Best Games contacted me the other day about his latest offering for the Xbox360 Explosionade. It’s not a shmup as such but it’s a shooter in the style of Metal Slug so it deserves a mention I thought. I just have a few screen shots at the minute that look pretty sweet and will be bringing you my thoughts just as soon as I get my hands on a copy but for now some lovely screen shots for you.

I’m Back

Thats right topshmups is back but this time it is just me (Mikey) who will be posting and finding new games.

After the comments and emails about the end of topshmups I have decided to go it alone and keep on bringing new shooters to you all. I’ll post as and when I can now I’m on my own but now and then is better than never.

Watch this space for a post very soon

Mikey (Admin)

The End

As of today we have decided to bring Topshmups to an end. There is no main reason we just don’t have the time to do it anymore there for we decided it was time to call it a day.

Thanks to everyone who visits the blog it made it all the more worth while doing.

The blog as it stands will remain for future shooter fans to find hopefully a few games they have missed.

Mikey & Kenji (Admin)

Phase Two Complete

Phase two is now finished and you may notice that posts from before 2010 have now gone to make loading a lot quicker but the games are still there in the new pages.

We may cut the home page back further but haven’t decided yet on how far we should cut it back.

Phase 3 is maybe going to be a You Tube Channel we are looking into how much work it will be for us to do so it’s not definite yet.


Mikey (Admin)

Phase One Complete

I’m pleased to say that phase one of the update to the blog is now complete after a good few weeks of hard work. All the download links should now be ok there were a lot of them missing and the ones we can’t find links for we will upload them when we get the chance.

For now though a little rest is needed.

Thanks for keeping on coming back to the blog it’s what makes it all worth while.

Mikey (Admin)


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Site Update

As you may have noticed the update is on the way and proving more work than first thought as we have found a lot of links on the site no longer exist which means we now have to hunt for new links or upload them ourselves which takes time.

If you spot any links that do not work on the updated pages whether it be for downloads or links to other pages on the site please contact us and lets us know at

We are trying to make sure everything works but with the size of the task things will get missed and we don’t have time to check all the links at this moment.

Thanks again for your support and keep on shmuping

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Site Changes

Over the next few months you will see a few changes in the way the blog looks hopefully it will be for the better when it’s done but you will have to bear with us because what were going to do is a major overhaul which means us working through nearly two years worth of games I won’t bore you with the details anyway we have started the new look today hope you like it if you don’t please feel free to tell us while we in the early stages.

Thanks Mikey (Admin)

Shattered Chronicle 2

I never played Shattered Chronicle 1 so I can’t compare the two but Shattered Chronicle 2 is a damn fine horizontal shooter that you should all give a try. In this version you get to choose from three characters all who have a different ability so it’s personal choice as to which you choose so choose wisely. Along the way you get to power up your special weapon through collecting green orbs left behind after you destroy an enemy and talking of which they come in all shapes and sizes with some pretty nice looking end of level bosses too. Graphics are nice and detailed a do the game justice as does the sound track that thumps along as you play. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon, X key is a light sabre that clears the screen just in front of you, C key is your special weapon and V key changes your primary weapon it’s hard to explain so just give it a go, Enter key toggles between full screen and windows mode or you can use a gamepad. I don’t post many horizontal shooters but this one is worth a go.

Works With Vista & Windows 7

Download From Here

Monster Hearts

Strange name for a vertical shooter I know where the monster part comes from but I’m not sure about the hearts bit anyway this is a demo of one of the better shooters that is being made at the minute. In the full game it looks like you get a choice of three characters to choose but in this version only get to try one out. The enemies in this game are some of the hardest I’ve come across and some seem to take a long time to destroy no matter what weapon you are using so don’t expect this to be a push over to beat they come in various different shapes and size and as you will see this is where the game gets its monsters part of its name from. The graphics are nice and colourful and the whole game moves around very smooth with a nice rock music sound track in the background thumping away so it’s nice to play. Controls are cursor keys to move Z key is you fire button X key chooses which special weapon you are going to use and C is your special weapon or you can use a gamepad if you like and to switch between full and windowed mode just press enter. One of the better shooters out there at the minute give a download now.

Works With Vista And Windows 7

Download From Here

7 Servant’s Blade

This vertical shmup has been around for a few years now and every now and then gets a bit of an upgrade and this is the latest of those upgrades. The game has a very dark and haunting style to it from the off with all kinds of nasty creatures of the night for you to take care of infact it can sometimes be difficult to see when the background gets very but this just adds to the mood of the game. You have a few weapons to help you out you have your main shot then you have a secondary weapon which fire a single sword which I’m guessing is quite powerful then you have your special weapon which is a beast when used. Graphics as I said are very dark but behind that they are nice and detailed and pretty nice to look at the music also adds to the atmosphere. Controls are cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon,x X key is your secondary weapon and C key is you special weapon or you can use a gamepad if you so wish. If you like dark haunting games this is for you.

Works With Vista

Download From Here


Eclosion is a cool vertical shooter that is quite a challenge but at the same time it gives you the feeling that you have played it before it’s hard to describe really. You get all the normal kind of thing that you would expect in a shmup from some nice looking bullet patterns to some pretty impressive bosses fr you to defeat along the way there is the odd power up to collect but these are few and far between but as long as you choose the right ship you don’t really need them whats more important is to collect the bombs to up you fire power in the boss battles. Graphics are nice and colourful and it plays really smooth een when the screen is full of bullets and enemies. Controls are cursor keys to move, Z keys is you fire button and X key is for your bombs. It’s been a while since I found a shooter I really liked until I found this one it’s well worth a try.

Works With Vista

Download From Here

Site Announcement

You may have notice a decline in new posts over the past couple of weeks this is down to a few factors which I won’t  bore you with. I will continue to post as and when I can and will be back to regular posting as soon as things settle down a little.

Thanks for your continued support

Mikey (Admin)

Tile Massacre

There are two types of gameplay in Tile Massacre; stages alternate between standard, top-down shooter stages and something more akin to a run-and-gun, where you control a character attempting to make their way to the top of a stage. The catch is that you ‘build’ the latter stages as part of the former: during the top-down shooter sections of the game, a series of tiles falls from the top of the screen. When shot, these become part of the stage that you’ll play through during the run-and-gun sections of the game. Some of these are walls (which can be destroyed during the run-and-gun sequences) while others are pits (which are impassable). There is a bonus for duplicating a given ‘target’ stage, but this is not a requirement- stages can be built to be easy to traverse or to block enemy generators.

It’s an interesting concept, but unfortunately the implementation isn’t quite up to snuff. I found the game’s pacing fairly sedate; the “level-building” shooter sections are easy if you ignore the recommended layout and tedious if you don’t. The run-and-gun sections, likewise, can be either easy or difficult depending on their layout, though dashing through them seems to work fairly reliably.

Works With Mac OS

Reviewed By Strider

Download From Here

Shoot Things (Mac OS)

As promised I bring you the first Mac OS Shmup on TopShmups reviewed and tested by Strider :-

Shoot Things is a one-stage, horizontally scrolling homage to a number of classic, pre and early NES era games. It’s not a particularly long or challenging game, but it’s solid for what it is. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, but the challenges in the single level are varied enough to keep things interesting- the boss at the end of the game in particular is an entertaining curveball.

I can only hope that this is a prototype for a longer game, although it doesn’t seem to be. The Mac needs more games like this!

Works On Mac Only

Download From Here


I’ve found a pretty nice looking browser vertical shooter for you to try out to in the form of Starmageddon. It may be a flash game but once you get a few levels in things soon start to heat up with loads of enemies coming at you from all directions intent on taking you out all you have to do it shoot them collect the coins then when you’ve destroyed the end of level boss off you go to the shop to spend your hard-earned money on beefing up your weapons then it’s back to the next level to unleash some destruction. Graphics have a nice 16Bit look to them so retro time it is and the sounds effect blend in nice with the game to. Controls are mouse or keyboard you decide which you prefer. It may seem a simple game to start but trust me things do heat up pretty soon in the game.

Play It Here

Hanuro Hawk

Hanuro Hawk is a timed level vertical shooter that caught my attention whilst on The Daily Click and is a very good example of what can be created with the likes of Multi Media Fusion type software. In each level you have a set amount of time to get the best score you can before moving onto the next level and to help you out you get only one weapon but by collecting icons left by destroyed enemies you can change that to a different kind of weapon there are quite a few different ones to choose from each with a different power so be sure to choose the right to ensure you get the highest score you can. Graphics are very nice and detailed and the music also fits in nice with the action in the game I hate music that is there just for the sake of it so this makes a nice change. Controls are cursor keys to move and shift key is you fire button game pad control is also an option. Its not the most exciting but well worth a download and one more thing no end of level boss to contend with.

Download From Here

The Embodiment Of Scarlett Devil (8 Bit Style)

Do you ever remember seeing a Doujin Shmup when you owned your first ever 8 Bit computer all those years ago? Well this little vertical shooter I stumbled across over on Doujin Style Is just that except it’s made for the PC with retro 8 Bit style graphics and music and sound effects and I think it’s the only one there is so gaming fans from the 80’s will love it. It looks very much like The Embodiment Of Scarlett Devil I’ve not compared them to close but it looks pretty close. I can’t really say a lot about it other than download it and give it a try controls are cursor keys to move, Z key is your main weapon and X key is your special weapon. If ever you thought something was missing when you had you Commodore 64 this is what could have been back then.

Download From Here

Shoot 1 Up (Xbox360)

I’d already been keeping an eye on the progress of this when Nathan at Mommys Best Games contacted and asked if I was interested in reviewing a new shmup almost ready for release and I jumped at the chance. Shoot 1 Up isn’t your normal vertical shooter because instead of collecting power ups in this game you collect 1Up’s which give you another ship that fights alongside you and if you keep on collecting you get more ships to fight alongside you I got up to having 20 ship’s firing away now that’s what I call fire power also along the way you get to choose the direction your game takes so you don’t always have to play it in vertical mode. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes and are constant from the start and should you get to the end of the level you get to take on some pretty awesome bosses that have been really well designed and are nice and detailed as are the graphics through out this game. If you get tired of playing by yourself you can play in co-op mode if you have a friend handy and that is real good fun so be sure to invite your mates round also if you want to play it like a normal shmup there is an option in there for that as well you get the same amount of bosses but only one ship so be warned. The one downside to this game though is that PC owners will have to wait a while as it’s being released on Xbox Arcade first. I played a review copy on my PC thanks to Nathan and I’m told there will be a few more tweaks before the games is released. Xbox owners are in for a treat with this one so keep an eye open for it.

Check It Out Here


Extra is a vertical shooter that has a nice retro feel and is similar to Patriot Dark. From the start of the game you are under attack from both ground and air enemies which seem intent on your destruction. To help avoid that you have three weapons all which can be powered up through out by collecting power up icons to give you a boost once fully powered up the enemy is no longer a problem once you reach the end of the level you have a boss to take out all of which are nice and detailed. When you start you also get a choice of two ships to choose from each with different weapons so its down to you to choose which suits you best. As I said graphics are nice and retro and are nice and detailed so you can see what is what. I could only get a game pad to work on this so I’m not sure if there are any keyboard controls which I’m sure there is you just have to find then. Nice shmup this give it a go.

Works With Vista And Windows 7

Download From Here

Mac OS Shmup Help Required

I’ve been asked a few times now if any of the games on the blog work on a Mac. What I’m looking for is someone who can test and review Mac Shmups so I can post about them with credit for the review given to who ever submitted the review. You don’t have to be an expert reviewer you just have to give a few lines about the game and some screen shots.

If anyone is interested in joining the Topshmups team contact me through the contacts page on here and we will go from there.


Mikey (Admin)

Space Mutants From Mars

A cool little browser shooter for you here that I first came across if in the Apple App Games Store then I found it was also available on the PC. It plays like Space Invaders with the enemy moving left to right and slowly down the screen and all you have to do is stop them. To help power up your ships weapons collect the money that is dropped and then after each level off you go to the shop to beef up your ship then off you go to the next level. You also get some pretty big bosses every so often that take a bit of skill to defeat and as you progress they get harder so you need to beef your fire power when ever you have the chance. Graphics are nice and I really like the purple it’s a cool retro look. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Z key to fire. A fairly easy shooter to while away that spare half hour that you might have during the day.

Works With Vista & Windows 7

Play It Here