Aero Flux

Aero Flux is a two stage alpha build of what is looking to be quite a good vertical shooter and if the rest of the game follows in this style of this version it will be a must for all shmup fans to own. It’s your standard kind of shooter which at times it quite the bullet hell so there is something for everyone there is even dual player which lets two of you battle it out together which also adds to the appeal of this game as well as being able to power up your weapon too. The graphics are what makes this stand out though for me there are all hand drawn with great detail and the two bosses really look good this must of took hours for this guy to have done and then the whole thing plays along nice and smooth even when the screen gets busy. For controls on this hit F1 to see what they are and F4 toggles between full screen and window mode. If you download one game this week make sure it’s this one.

Download From Here

Alien Assault

A strange little shooter this one with brilliant 8 Bit pixel graphics. It reminds me a lot of the likes of Galaga and that type of shooter. The graphics are nice and chunky and colourful with decent sound effects and music to match. The controls are Cursor Keys with either space bar, shift or ctrl as you fire button. You can also use a gamepad or choose your own controls by pressing F5 before you start to play. You only get two power ups from what I can work out one being a more powerful shot and the other a shield. Bosses come after each level is finished but are pretty easy to dispose of so you should soon get to the end of this nice little game.

It also works on Vista.

Download From Here

Action Slip 2

I’ve really got the bug when it comes to retro styled shoot em ups so when I came across this little gem over on the Daily Click I just had to give it a go. It’s a five level vertical scrolling that reminds me of some of the early Sega Master System games they a very 8 bit looking but are colourful with it. The other thing I like is the loud explosions when you shoot something which really adds to the atmosphere of the game as does the thumping sound track that plays in the back ground as you blast away. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Shift Key to fire you main weapon holding your finger down acts as auto fire and the CTRL Keys is you bomb. You also collect power ups along the as you will need them when it comes to finishing the bosses off as the take quite some time to destroy. You also have the option to use a Joypad that you can select on the main menu. It may well not be this best game ever played but well worth a try if you like retro looking titles.

Download To Follow

Armageddon 2

This is a nice little save the earth from aliens and meteors that are heading towards the planet to destroy it kind of game. Otherwise known as a side scrolling shooter. As you start the game you are treated to a little intro as to the state of the planet that you are trying to save to give you an idea of what to expect. Before you start to play you get a choice of three different crafts in which to save the planet each there their good points and bad points and would imagine after a while you get to know which ship suits your kind of game play. You have a laser as your main weapons but there are the normal upgrades and special weapons that you need to collect to help you on your way and save the planet. There is also a co-op mode with this game where you can get a friend to fight alongside you a nice little touch to the game I thought. Visuals and sound are both very good and compliment each other and the atmosphere of the game. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Space Bar is for a burst of fire, CTRL Key is for your laser and ALT Key is your special weapon. This game won’t suit everyone but it makes a change from the normal bullet hell kind of shmup.

Download From Here

Attack Of The Alien Space Bettles

This is a demo of a fourth coming shooter from Raccoonrocket and am very pleased to say that it looks very nice indeed. It’s still in its early stages as there is no front end or game over to this game yet but it is still really fun to play it reminds me a lot of Galaga style game play with things flying at you from all angles. The enemies are all very cute indeed and are too many to list but I think they look cool and colourful and detailed and they each have their own actions when it comes to attacking you and they also release something for you to collect when they are killed. This ranges from pieces of fruit to bags of cash to weapon upgrades. The sound effects are also fun which is what this game is and the explosion noise when you are killed is one of the loudest I’ve ever heard in a game. This game when finished will be in my top ten so give it a try now.

Download From Here

Alien Space

I seem to be finding quite a few retro looking games at the minute and Alien Space is also in the same style that is becoming the norm at the minute. It’s a classic vertical shooter that sees you dodging a whole load of bullets and aliens who try so hard to destroy you and not forgetting the bosses at the end of the levels as well. To help you along you have a primary weapon which you can power up by collecting the power ups and you also have a special weapon which destroys everything on-screen so you might find yourself using this a lot. Visuals and nice and colourful and as I said they pixel retro looking so the whole thing looks great. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Shift is your primary weapon and Ctrl is your special weapon and F4 switches between windowed and full screen.

Download From Here


Aurorablast is a cool little vertical shooter that only maybe a one level demo at the minute but it’s looking very nice indeed. It has nice pixel graphics and some very nice looking explosions and the whole thing plays along at a heck of a pace. There aren’t any power ups as such just three different weapons that you can change at will depending on whats happening on the screen to suit you best. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon, X key is for your bomb and C key is to change which primary you wish to use. A nice colourful shmup that deserves a look.

Download From Here

A Diary Of A Little Aviator

This is a brilliant vertical shooter a friend of mine sent me a week or so ago and thought I must put it on here. It’s a Japanese shooter who always seem to make the best games of this kind its hard to describe because it’s so much fun to play and is so difficult at times as well that you just have to keep coming back for more as you try to get that little bit further each time and on the higher difficulty levels the screen is just full of glorious bullet patterns. You have two weapons as your disposal one being you primary weapon and the other is a missile kind of thing that does a lot of damage so you have the tools to do the job. Visuals are all hand drawn with good detail and are nice and colourful and even the music just fits in with the whole game and the bosses are massive and everything just feels right about this game. Controls are Cursor Keys to move Z Key is your primary weapon and X key is your special weapon you can also use a joy pad if you so wish. If your going to play one game plat this.

Download From Here

Attack Of The Mutant Killer Bingo Wings

Strange name for a vertical shooter this one you might think but it’s not a bad little shmup at all. You have a task to complete in that you have collect numbers that add up to the numbers on each of the bingo cards on the right of the screen to move onto the next level it’s probably best if you read the instructions on the game itself to fully understand whats going on. Visuals are very Commodore 64 style which look really good and it’s just nice to have a shmup with a difference so it must worth a few minutes of your time. Controls are cursor keys to move and space bar to fire or you can use your mouse of you like. If you like it retro give it a go.

Play It Here

Aces Of The Galaxy

Now I’m not a big fan of Rail Shooters but when I came across this one I had to add it on here. It’s quite a hard game this and it will take some getting used to but once you get the hang of the controls which are both Mouse and Keyboard you will keep coming back for more. Whilst playing you get loads of enemies to destroy whilst you are trying to dodge the many structures in the background that they seem to like hiding behind and you also have the odd mine field here and there to trip you up as well. Power ups are few and far between so you must collect all you can even though it is quite hard to see the difference the power up makes but you will need them. The Visuals are outstanding you have to play this just to see them and I would go as far as saying they are best I’ve seen in a game of this style for a long time and it’s only a 50Mb download. For controls you are best to check them when you start the game as there are quite a few of them so nimble fingers a must. This isn’t a Shmup as such but its well worth a download.

Download From Here


This is a brilliant remake of the classic Commodore 64 classic horizontal shmup Armalyte. If you never played the original then you must give this a try because it’s from when shmups where from hard to complete because the level of difficulty was always very hard however it kept you coming back for just one more try time and time again. It has all the classic elements of a shmup power ups bosses wave after wave of enemies however the power ups are nothing like they are today. The visuals and sound and music have all been revamped and it looks very nice indeed and the guys who remade this are the best re-makers out there at the minute in fact most of what they do is normally freeware and can be found over on Retro Remakes . Controls are keyboard or joy pad so choose which you prefer from the main menu. If you like rock hard shmups give this a go.

Download From Here


Ake-Bre is one of the hardest horizontal shooters I’ve come across for a long time even on easy setting this is a rock hard shooter that will take most a while to complete. It also has a slight twist in that you have to contend with defeating the both in front and behind you by turning your player in the opposite direction. There are plenty of power ups along the way to help you out and you will need them because when you get to level two things really hot up and the bosses are a real pain to defeat and you have a set time limit to do it. Visuals are very nice 3D effect and the backgrounds also are deep 3D looking it’s one of the best of its kind on the visual front. Controls are game pad and it’s best to see what button does what as there are a few surprises for you to find out. One for hardcore fans is this.

Download To Follow


Adventum is a horizontal shooter from Astro Port that has a slight difference in that you control a tank instead of a craft and all the fighter is done on the ground so im not sure if your would call it a shmup but its a cracking little demo and needs to be mentioned. Instead of special weapons you get to choose three characters that you swap between each having their own weapon so i guess you could call the special weapons all of which you can power up to give you more fire power to deal with the ever-increasing onslaught from tanks, armoured lorries and hot air balloons and gun turrets to name a few along with mid level and end level bosses so power up as soon as you can. Graphics are really nice and detailed and look just great as do the other Astro Port games so for that alone it’s worth a download. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Keys is your main weapon, X Key is for jumping and C Keys is for swapping between characters or use is game pad if you have one. A shmup it may not be but its a dame fine shooter im looking forward to this being finished.

Download From Here

Astronomical Few Minutes

Another strange named game this one and it also says the original was by Shanghai Alice so I’m not quite sure what this is supposed to be remake or an abandoned game that has now been completed I’ll leave it for you to decide. What you have got is a pretty good vertical shooter that even on easy setting has more bullets being fired at you than I have ever seen as well as having some tough bosses to contend with some of the bullet patterns are very difficult to work you way through. Visuals and sound are good to both being fitting with the game. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Key is your primary weapon and X Key is you special weapon or you can use a game pad. As I said a game that’s trying to be something but I’m not sure what download nad have a look for yourself.

Download To Follow

Armored Ashura

I bring you a cool little horizontal browser game today that will give even the hardened shmup fan a run for their money. Armored Ashura is you standard type of shooter with plenty of power ups for you to collect along the way and you tend to find that collecting them when you see them means that you need them to get through the next load of enemies who are trying to destroy you with everything they have you don’t need to collect them sometimes it just makes things a little more easy. I also found that the end of level boss on all levels are quite hard to finish off so you will need dodging skills to avoid the onslaught of bullets they fire at you. You only get one weapon but if you don’t fire for a short time you get a short powerful blast when you press fire again. Graphics are nice a detailed with a great rock background music to keep the excitement up. controls are Mouse only which is a shame but you can’t have everything well worth a go this one.

Play It Here

Alternative Sphere

If this trial version is anything to go by when Alternative Sphere is finished it will be a corking vertical shooter to add to your collection. When  you start this game you have four characters to choose from each with their own weapons so It takes a few goes to find out who has the most power you will need all the power you can get because this is one bullet fest even when playing on easy mode so be warned. Unlike other shooters there are no power ups but you find you don’t need them because the power your characters have is morn than enough and you also have a supporter which shields you from the bullets for a short while and comes in very handy. Graphics are nice and detailed and the 3d back ground looks awesome as do the many different bullet patterns that you come across with the boss level having the most complex of them all. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon, X keys is you special weapon and C key is for your supporter or you can use a game pad if you so wish. A really nice looking game so download it now!!

Download From Here


Abrogator is a little vertical shooter that feels very much like a tech demo at the minute. You aim is to get a higher score as you can whilst a mass of enemy ships stream towards you intent on destroying you and beleave me the will to help you out you only get one weapon so quick reflexes are a must because the screen is always full of  enemy ships. Graphics are pretty good as is the sound and it plays nice and smooth. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Z key to fire. If you have a few minutes to spare this is well worth a download.

Download From Here

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