Space Mutants From Mars

A cool little browser shooter for you here that I first came across if in the Apple App Games Store then I found it was also available on the PC. It plays like Space Invaders with the enemy moving left to right and slowly down the screen and all you have to do is stop them. To help power up your ships weapons collect the money that is dropped and then after each level off you go to the shop to beef up your ship then off you go to the next level. You also get some pretty big bosses every so often that take a bit of skill to defeat and as you progress they get harder so you need to beef your fire power when ever you have the chance. Graphics are nice and I really like the purple it’s a cool retro look. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Z key to fire. A fairly easy shooter to while away that spare half hour that you might have during the day.

Works With Vista & Windows 7

Play It Here

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