Boss Fight

A rock hard boss battle game for you to try out Here



I’ve found a pretty nice looking browser vertical shooter for you to try out to in the form of Starmageddon. It may be a flash game but once you get a few levels in things soon start to heat up with loads of enemies coming at you from all directions intent on taking you out all you have to do it shoot them collect the coins then when you’ve destroyed the end of level boss off you go to the shop to spend your hard-earned money on beefing up your weapons then it’s back to the next level to unleash some destruction. Graphics have a nice 16Bit look to them so retro time it is and the sounds effect blend in nice with the game to. Controls are mouse or keyboard you decide which you prefer. It may seem a simple game to start but trust me things do heat up pretty soon in the game.

Play It Here

Space Mutants From Mars

A cool little browser shooter for you here that I first came across if in the Apple App Games Store then I found it was also available on the PC. It plays like Space Invaders with the enemy moving left to right and slowly down the screen and all you have to do is stop them. To help power up your ships weapons collect the money that is dropped and then after each level off you go to the shop to beef up your ship then off you go to the next level. You also get some pretty big bosses every so often that take a bit of skill to defeat and as you progress they get harder so you need to beef your fire power when ever you have the chance. Graphics are nice and I really like the purple it’s a cool retro look. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Z key to fire. A fairly easy shooter to while away that spare half hour that you might have during the day.

Works With Vista & Windows 7

Play It Here

Starfire Retaliation

I’ve waited a while now for this vertical browser¬† shooter and now it’s finally been released for me to get my hands on. This is a game that you will either love or hate because the enemies seem to take a very long time to destroy and the weapons you use don’t seem to be that powerful and it offers nothing new in this kind of game¬† however after playing this for a few hours I’ve grown to like it because after you clear the first level and have maxed out you weapons with power ups those same enemies no longer take and age to destroy and things tend to get a bit easier and you move through the levels quicker despite the screen becoming increasingly full of enemies. Graphics and sound are nice with some pretty lood explosions and some hung bosses at the end of each level and the levels are quite long in this also. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Space Bar to fire. Were this a download game I don’t think many would play it long after downloading but as it’s a browser game I thinks it’s suited to that and is well worth a look by any shmup fan.

Works With Vista

Play It Here