Monster Hearts

Strange name for a vertical shooter I know where the monster part comes from but I’m not sure about the hearts bit anyway this is a demo of one of the better shooters that is being made at the minute. In the full game it looks like you get a choice of three characters to choose but in this version only get to try one out. The enemies in this game are some of the hardest I’ve come across and some seem to take a long time to destroy no matter what weapon you are using so don’t expect this to be a push over to beat they come in various different shapes and size and as you will see this is where the game gets its monsters part of its name from. The graphics are nice and colourful and the whole game moves around very smooth with a nice rock music sound track in the background thumping away so it’s nice to play. Controls are cursor keys to move Z key is you fire button X key chooses which special weapon you are going to use and C is your special weapon or you can use a gamepad if you like and to switch between full and windowed mode just press enter. One of the better shooters out there at the minute give a download now.

Works With Vista And Windows 7

Download From Here

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