Eclosion is a cool vertical shooter that is quite a challenge but at the same time it gives you the feeling that you have played it before it’s hard to describe really. You get all the normal kind of thing that you would expect in a shmup from some nice looking bullet patterns to some pretty impressive bosses fr you to defeat along the way there is the odd power up to collect but these are few and far between but as long as you choose the right ship you don’t really need them whats more important is to collect the bombs to up you fire power in the boss battles. Graphics are nice and colourful and it plays really smooth een when the screen is full of bullets and enemies. Controls are cursor keys to move, Z keys is you fire button and X key is for your bombs. It’s been a while since I found a shooter I really liked until I found this one it’s well worth a try.

Works With Vista

Download From Here


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