A short little trial for you here in the form of Lux which was released at C78 this year. Lux looks like your normal vertical shooter and in most ways it is but it has a little twist because when you restart a new game you can choose to which stage to play and when you do that you have a ghost ship from your previous level to help  you out it makes the same moves that you made in your previous level whilst destroying the enemy a long the way. Graphics and sound are nice  and there are some very nice looking explosions for you to see and I’m sure it will get better as more is done to this nice little game. Controls are cursor keys to move z key is your primary weapon and x key is your special weapon which you will need as this game gets quite busy in places.

Download From Here


Lunaria is a nice little side scrolling shooter that I found the other day whilst looking through Freeware.remakes site. It is slightly different to other shooters in that not only do you have to shoot enemies that come flying at you you also shoot jewels, walls and anything else that is attached to the back ground of the game to increase your score and to find weapon upgrades and bonuses that are hidden throughout. Visuals are nice and colourful and detailed throughout the whole game. The other thing is that this I guess a tech demo because you only get one level to play in either 5 minute mode or 2 minute mode set at whatever difficulty level you wish and at the harder setting things do turn hard quite quick but despite that it is still fun trying to beat your previous score by trying to make sure you clear the screen of every last thing on there. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Key to fire, X key is to change the speed at which you fly and C Keys pauses the game. If you’re a hardcore shmup fan this may not suit you but I thought it deserved a shout out.

Download From Here

Last Out

Last Out is a remake of  Z out that was a classic side scrolling shooter game released for the Commodore Amiga in 1990. The game at the minute is only a one level demo but gives you a good idea of how the game will feel when it is finished and having played  the original this one is shaping up quite nicely indeed. The Graphics for this game have been enhanced from the original which really adds to the game and yet it still feels like a 16 bit game when you play however the music and sound effects remain the same as the Amiga version. Like many early shooters there are a few power ups but nothing that will blow you away but they crop up now and then some of them good and some of them not so good. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Space Bar to fire. If you owned an Amiga this one is worth keeping an eye on and checking out.

Download From Here


Luor is a three level demo of vertical shmup that’s beginning to look very promising. The thing  that makes this stick out to me is the style in which the visuals have been done with bright coloured back grounds an enemy sprites that are coloured black whilst your ship is bright white some how these colours just seem to work and the whole thing moves along nice and smooth. The game itself has a nice learning curve that breaks you in nice and steady but even in level three things soon become quite the bullet fest that this game is going to be. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Ctrl Key is your primary weapon and Shift Key is your special weapon. At this minute there aren’t that many new shooters out there but from what I’ve seen of this and others that are in the pipe line we have a lot to look forward to.

Download From Here

Linear Assault

This is a nice little Browser based vertical shmup for when you have those long lunch breaks at your desk with nothing better to do. It’s a very simple game with some nice retro style graphics that are nice and detailed and colour full to look at. There are quite a few levels to work through each with their own boss at the end which take quite some time to dispose of . The only thing missing really is that there are no power ups but you don’t really need them as I said this game is for when you have ten minutes here and there and not for sitting at for hours at a time. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Space Bar to Fire.

Play It Here


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