I was contacted by Vincent of Tzai Entertainment a few days ago about his forth coming vertical shooter. At the moment there is only a trailer video for you to feast your eyes on but it looks a really cool looking game. A slight difference though is that you get to choose the music from your own collection of mp3 and the bullet patterns that try to destroy you are determined by the kind of track you are playing I’ve never seen this done with a shmup so am interested to get my hands on this to give it a proper go and report back on it then For now go over to their site and check it out.

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Xona Games

Xona  Games contacted me the other day two new games that they are about to release for Windows Phone 7 and for the Xbox 360. They go under the names of Decimation X 2 and Score Rush both are vertical shooters and look very nice indeed judging by the videos and screen shots they sent me so why not pop over to their site and take a look for yourself.