Space Invaders

I’ve found another nice space invaders remake for you all to try there is anything new because if there was it wouldn’t be space invaders but having said that the graphics have been nicely redrawn and it plays just like the original. Controls are Z to move left X to move right and Ctrl is you fire button. If you’re a fan give it a try.

Download From Here


Stoic is a classic style vertical shoot em up from the early 90’s when shmups were in their early stages. You have to shoot things on the ground as well as in the air and like so many of the early shooters you only get the one weapon and to top it all no power ups so skill is the answer here as the enemy come at you at a hell of a pace. On the ground your main objective is to take out all the blue and yellow targets for a bonus at the end of the level then it’s back out there to do some more shooting. Graphics and sound are very retro which looks nice and it plays smooth and fast. Controls are cursor keys to move and Z key to fire or you can use a game pad. It’s not a game for everyone but it brings fond memories back for me.

Download From Here

Super Sweets

I’ve not posted a cute em up for a while but when I came across this little gem I thought it was time for a change of pace for a while. Super sweets is a timed stage game which gives you either a three-minute or six-minute stage in which you have to get the best score you can and if possible finish the entire stage before time runs out. You get a choice of ten characters you can choose from all with different weapons some of which are better than others which can be the difference between a high score and a not so high score. You only get one weapon but you can power this up to a level 3 weapon by collecting power up pills that are left after shooting a certain cake yes you heard me a cake. Graphics are excellent throughout and I never thought sweets and cakes could be so nasty having said that this a very nice looking and in some ways calming to play. Controls are cursor keys to move and space bar to fire or you can use a gamepad. This won’t be one for a hardcore shmup fan but it makes a nice change from bullet hell.

Download From Here

Shooting Star

Shooting Star a browser-based Arena Shooter. This another one of those games that if you have a few minutes to kill through out then head on over and give it go. Graphics are nice Vector Graphics which seem to be the in thing at the moment as there are lots of Vector Graphics games out there. Controls are simple you just use your mouse and the whole thing is auto fire. Its starts nice and easy but as with most games like this they gat more difficult very soon. As I said it’s not a game for sitting at for hours but good fun for the odd ten minutes and there.

Play It Here

Sewer Shark

This is a remake of the Sega CD game Sewer Shark that is being made for the Retro Remakes compo we like it retro. Its being remade in 8Bit style with the graphics of the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and Zx Spectrum. You get to choose which version you want to play from the start menu my fav is the Amstrad CPC because it’s the most colourful. It’s a simple game guide you ship through the sewer killing a set amount of rats on each level and avoiding other hazards before your time runs out. It’s very simple but if you want to be taken back to your younger days when 8Bit ruled the gaming world give it a go. Check the forum thread for the game out here . Controls are Q for Up, A for Down, O for Left, P for Right and space for firing you can also use a joypad if you so wish.

Download From Here

Sun Sun Der

Sun Sun Der is a nice vertical shooter made using Game Maker. There are a lot of people who avoid games being made with Game Maker because they think they will be no good or very basic which is why I add then to here to show that there are good ones out there. This one is in the style of a Japanese shmup in that you are a per rather than a machine. The visuals on this game are very nice indeed with a little bit of haunting feel as is the music playing in the background although as you progress through the levels they do seem to be the same kind of enemy which I can only describe as evil Bumble Bees. Thing do get quite busy on the screen very quick so good reflex’s are a must here and the end of level Boss is a right pain to beat. Controls are Simple Cursor Keys to Move, Z key is your primary weapon, X key draws power ups towards you and C key activates your special weapon when you have collected enough power ups. This is well worth a look.

Download From Here

Shooter 2008

A strange name for a game you might think but that is what this game is a horizontal Shooter so the name is perfect. When it comes to playing this game that’s when things get difficult. You control you ship which is on auto fire all the time with the Mouse through an ever-increasing amount of enemy ships sounds simple. Things start off light depending on which kind of game you are playing there are a few to choose from but as you progress things get really busy on-screen to the point where it is full and certain death isn’t far away. There are loads of power ups to collect to help you on your way but they only last for a short time and you find yourself needing every power up you can grab to be successful. This really is a hell of a game to get a high score. Visuals are quite good and there is a nice soothing track playing in the back ground to keep you cool when things get heavy. There aren’t many Horizontal Shooters out there so give this one a go.

Download To Follow

Self Destruct

Self Destruct is a very fast but addictive Vertical Scroller that I found over on Shmuptacular the other day. In this game you have 250 waves to go through before something happens not sure what because I haven’t got that far yet I’m still at 90 waves. Its action from the very first wave with line after line of enemies to defeat. Every time you shoot a baddies a power up of some kind drops from them and believe me you need them some are extra fire power some are Shields which you going to need a lot of and some are bombs. It has great pixel graphics and the whole thing moves along at a hell of a pace. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z is your main fire holding this key down acts as auto fire, X is your shield which you will use a lot of and C is your nuke which clears the screen of everything. If you like a challenge I’d give this one a go.

Download From Here

Sonic Sisters

Sonic Sisters a great Vertical Scrolling shmup that reminds me of the time of game that you would get in the early arcade machines from long ago. Its got great colourful 16bit ish graphics along with a nice tune to match playing along in the background. The game play starts nice and easy but soon turns into a bullet hell type of game. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z is your main weapon and X is your special weapon. If you want to re live your arcade days from long ago give this one a try.

Download From Here

Spit Fire Attack

With Remembrance day around again I came across this little shooter over on the Blitz Forum and thought it deserved a look at. You pilot a Spitfire with only your machine gun to shoot the bad guys down. It’s a little like Dog Fight that I posted a while back but still deserves a mention if you fancy being a pilot once again. The visuals are nice and shiny with a few nice effects here and there but nothing to blow you away. As you progress through each level you have to kill more and more enemy planes to progress to the next it gets a bit samey so short plays might be all you give it.Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Space bar to fire. So if you want to fight for the skies give it a go.

Download From Here


Syu-So-Gyohu is a vertical scrolling shooter that I came across the other day on Freeware Remakes and it reminded me of my Snes gaming days. It’s a nice little game with 16Bit style graphics which I still rate as my favorite type of graphics. Graphics and sound are nice a colourful all round and it has simple game play  but on the harder settings it becomes quite the bullet hell of a game. I think there is a story to go with the game but as I can’t speak Japanese I’m not quite sure what it’s all about. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z is your primary fire weapon and X is your special weapon or if you’re not that good on the keyboard like me you can always use your Joy pad. If you like your Cute Em Ups give this one a go.

Download From Here

Santa Versus The Ice Demons

As Christmas is just around the corner I thought I would enter the festive fun and find a Christmas based shooter. Santa Ice Demons is just that game. It’s a horizontal side scrolling boss shooter in which you play Santa who has to defeat boss after boss in what I can only describe as boss bullet hell. Visuals are quite nice with lots of snow flake effects in the background and even the bullets being shot at you look like little snow flakes to make it feel like Christmas. It not a bad little game but is rather easy to beat and after each level your fire power increases too. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Key is your primary weapon, X Keys slows you down so you can make more precise movements and C Key is your special weapon or in this case your Candy Cane which clears the screen of every thing. As I said not a brilliant game but just a nice bit of fun this time of the year.

Download From Here

Sparx 2

This must be my week for Arena Shooters because Sparx 2 is the second Arena Shooter to cross my path when I was over on Retro Remakes site the other day. This game follows in the Geometry Wars style like most of this type of game and it runs in your browser so you will need Java for this to work. It doesn’t bring anything new to the genre but I thought it has some very nice visuals indeed, my favorite being the explosions when you shoot something the rest of which are Vector style graphics. Controls are a little strange for me so took some getting used to  they are W A S D keys to move and your Mouse operates which direction you are shooting in and to help you along there are a few power ups to collect along the way. For me there can never be enough of this kind of game so I think you should give it a try.

Play It Here

Space Pirates

Space Pirates is an early one level demo vertical shoot em up which is looking like it may turn into a nice little game along the lines of Ether Vapour. In the game you get your normal array of enemies that seem to move in and out of the screen giving you that look that they are moving further into to distance whilst firing a hell of a lot of bullets back at you. To destroy these you get your normal gun if that’s not good enough you can fire a pod which is a lot more powerful so destroys the bad guys sooner you also get your power ups which in the demo are few and far between I’m guessing there will be more in the finished game. Visuals are quite stunning with everything  being colourful and detailed so its looks really nice  and you’re getting all this from something being made with Game Maker. Controls at the moment are Game Pad only but in the finished game Keys will be a choice of controls. If you want to keep an eye on this go over to Shmup-Dev and follow its progress.

Download From Here

Stella Vanity

If you like bullet hell games you will love this demo I discovered. Its you normal vertical kind of shmup but there is so many bullets being fired at you you need to have lightening reflexes to avoid them and on top of that the screen is full of enemies just waiting to take you out. You only get you primary weapon and your special weapon to help you out so this is for die-hard shmup fans only. Visuals are very nice and colourful and there is a lot of them so you have plenty to see. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z keys is your primary weapon and X key is your special weapon or you can use a joy pad if you wish. You have to try this its quite a challenge.

Download From Here

Solid State Survivor

This is a good old-fashioned vertical shooter that reminds me of games like Raiden and others from when I first got into Shmups. Right from the start you get wave after wave of enemies that are intent on seeing you off some of the you can dispose of easy others not and not forgetting the boss at the end of each level which seems to take a long time to kill. To help you you have three weapons at your disposal you have a primary weapon then your primary plus which has a little more power then you have your bomb which clears every thing in your path and I forgot to say you get to choose from one of two craft in which you fight. Visuals are nice and detailed and are straight out of the arcade style of the past as are the sound effects and music which go along with it. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon, X key is your primary plus and C key is your bomb. This is an old school shooter that deserves a chance to be played.

Download From Here

Sky Star Spark

A nice little Japanese arena shooter here for all you arena fans. From what I can work out as I don’t speak Japanese the aim is to collect a key and find the correct exit to the next level and so on until you complete them all. Sounds easy however you have many bullets to dodge and also the odd enemy here and there to get in your way and stop you reaching your goal and every time you get hit you lose point of your score. Visuals are very nice indeed colourful and detailed with matching music in the back ground which makes it a nice little game to play. Controls are cursor keys to move and Z is your only weapon. If your into Arena Shmups give this a go.

Download From Here

Strike Witches

This is a curious little vertical shmup I stumbled across on my travels. It another Japanese game so unless you understand Japanese then a lot of guess-work is needed to understand 100% but the good thing is you don’t have too because it’s a cool shooter. You get loads of baddies to shoot who in return shoot loads of bullets and lasers at you and there seems to be a fair few boss ships that need to be sorted on the way which means this isn’t a push over to complete. Visuals are rather nice with a strange scrolling back ground that looks like a water fall which can be off-putting a little that said its looks very nice. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Key is your primary weapon and X key is your special weapon which includes a shield so you can hide from bullets for a short time.

Download From Here

Simple Shmup

This is a vertical shooter that as the name says is a simple shmup. There is no deep plot which you need to understand all you need to do is blast the hell out of the ever advancing enemy and try to stay alive. The thing I really like about this game is the simple but retro graphics used throughout the game it’s almost like playing a Nintendo NES game not only with the graphics but also with the music that plays away in the background which are totally retro. As I said there’s not a lot to it really but it’s very addictive because the further you go the more you get coming towards you some die with one shot some with three or four you never know it’s just down right fun. controls are Cursor keys to move and Z key to fire.

Download From Here


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Browser shmup but when I came across this one I had to bring it to you all. It’s a horizontal shooter that is very challenging most browser-based games are quite easy this one though is the exception because what we have is a near bullet hell game right from the word go if it’s not the bullets that get you it’s the enemies of which the screen is full of all trying to finish you off. To help you get to choose one of four characters to use each with their strong points and if you collect enough coins you also get to visit the shop at the end of each level to purchase a useful power up which you will need so be sure to collect as much gold as you can. Graphics and sound are very good and wouldn’t look out-of-place in a stand-alone game I’d go as far as saying they are some of the best I’ve seen in a browser shmup as they are very detail and colourful. Controls are Mouse operated and Space Bar is your special weapon. This one is really to good to miss out on try it now.

Play It Here

Space Octopus

Space Octopus isn’t the best game in the world but has a few nice touches so thought it deserved a show. It s vertical shooter that plays kind of like space invaders you have level after level of hand drawn enemies coming towards you and all you have to do is clear each level to move to the next and move up in rank. There are a few power ups to help you along the way but they only last for a short while before you revert back to your one and only weapon. Graphics are hand drawn and its all in black and white but there are a few nice graphical touches here and there. Controls are Left Key to go left Right Key to go right and Up Key to fire nice and simple. It won’t suit everyone but if you like to get high scores give it a go.

Download From Here


Sapharica is a vertical shooter that I fond over on DoujinStyle and I was quite surprised at just how harder game this was to play infact it’s one of the hardest I’ve come across in a long time. You get to choose from three characters when you start each with a different firing style so choose carefully once you decide the battle begins right from the word go because this a bullet hell game that never seems to start throwing bullets at you so it’s one for the hardened shmup fan to play to help you out you get plenty of power ups and you will need them all so be sure not to miss any and also a very handy special weapon again use it carefully because the bosses at the end of levels are very difficult indeed not forgetting the amount of bullets they fire at you. Graphics are nice and detailed and there is cool dance music thumping away in the background to keep your pulse pumping hard. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Key is your fire button and X Keys is your special weapon. Bullet hell fans will love this one.

Download From Here

Starfire Retaliation

I’ve waited a while now for this vertical browser  shooter and now it’s finally been released for me to get my hands on. This is a game that you will either love or hate because the enemies seem to take a very long time to destroy and the weapons you use don’t seem to be that powerful and it offers nothing new in this kind of game  however after playing this for a few hours I’ve grown to like it because after you clear the first level and have maxed out you weapons with power ups those same enemies no longer take and age to destroy and things tend to get a bit easier and you move through the levels quicker despite the screen becoming increasingly full of enemies. Graphics and sound are nice with some pretty lood explosions and some hung bosses at the end of each level and the levels are quite long in this also. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Space Bar to fire. Were this a download game I don’t think many would play it long after downloading but as it’s a browser game I thinks it’s suited to that and is well worth a look by any shmup fan.

Play It Here

Shoot 1 Up (Xbox360)

I’d already been keeping an eye on the progress of this when Nathan at Mommys Best Games contacted and asked if I was interested in reviewing a new shmup almost ready for release and I jumped at the chance. Shoot 1 Up isn’t your normal vertical shooter because instead of collecting power ups in this game you collect 1Up’s which give you another ship that fights alongside you and if you keep on collecting you get more ships to fight alongside you I got up to having 20 ship’s firing away now that’s what I call fire power also along the way you get to choose the direction your game takes so you don’t always have to play it in vertical mode. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes and are constant from the start and should you get to the end of the level you get to take on some pretty awesome bosses that have been really well designed and are nice and detailed as are the graphics through out this game. If you get tired of playing by yourself you can play in co-op mode if you have a friend handy and that is real good fun so be sure to invite your mates round also if you want to play it like a normal shmup there is an option in there for that as well you get the same amount of bosses but only one ship so be warned. The one downside to this game though is that PC owners will have to wait a while as it’s being released on Xbox Arcade first. I played a review copy on my PC thanks to Nathan and I’m told there will be a few more tweaks before the games is released. Xbox owners are in for a treat with this one so keep an eye open for it.

Check It Out Here

Space Mutants From Mars

A cool little browser shooter for you here that I first came across if in the Apple App Games Store then I found it was also available on the PC. It plays like Space Invaders with the enemy moving left to right and slowly down the screen and all you have to do is stop them. To help power up your ships weapons collect the money that is dropped and then after each level off you go to the shop to beef up your ship then off you go to the next level. You also get some pretty big bosses every so often that take a bit of skill to defeat and as you progress they get harder so you need to beef your fire power when ever you have the chance. Graphics are nice and I really like the purple it’s a cool retro look. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Z key to fire. A fairly easy shooter to while away that spare half hour that you might have during the day.

Play It Here

Shoot Things (Mac OS)

As promised I bring you the first Mac OS Shmup on TopShmups reviewed and tested by Strider :-

Shoot Things is a one-stage, horizontally scrolling homage to a number of classic, pre and early NES era games. It’s not a particularly long or challenging game, but it’s solid for what it is. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, but the challenges in the single level are varied enough to keep things interesting the boss at the end of the game in particular is an entertaining curveball.

I can only hope that this is a prototype for a longer game, although it doesn’t seem to be. The Mac needs more games like this!

Download From Here


I’ve found a pretty nice looking browser vertical shooter for you to try out to in the form of Starmageddon. It may be a flash game but once you get a few levels in things soon start to heat up with loads of enemies coming at you from all directions intent on taking you out all you have to do it shoot them collect the coins then when you’ve destroyed the end of level boss off you go to the shop to spend your hard-earned money on beefing up your weapons then it’s back to the next level to unleash some destruction. Graphics have a nice 16Bit look to them so retro time it is and the sounds effect blend in nice with the game to. Controls are mouse or keyboard you decide which you prefer. It may seem a simple game to start but trust me things do heat up pretty soon in the game.

Play It Here

7 Servant’s Blade

This vertical shmup has been around for a few years now and every now and then gets a bit of an upgrade and this is the latest of those upgrades. The game has a very dark and haunting style to it from the off with all kinds of nasty creatures of the night for you to take care of infact it can sometimes be difficult to see when the background gets very but this just adds to the mood of the game. You have a few weapons to help you out you have your main shot then you have a secondary weapon which fire a single sword which I’m guessing is quite powerful then you have your special weapon which is a beast when used. Graphics as I said are very dark but behind that they are nice and detailed and pretty nice to look at the music also adds to the atmosphere. Controls are cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon,x X key is your secondary weapon and C key is you special weapon or you can use a gamepad if you so wish. If you like dark haunting games this is for you.

Download From Here

Shattered Chronicle 2

I never played Shattered Chronicle 1 so I can’t compare the two but Shattered Chronicle 2 is a damn fine horizontal shooter that you should all give a try. In this version you get to choose from three characters all who have a different ability so it’s personal choice as to which you choose so choose wisely. Along the way you get to power up your special weapon through collecting green orbs left behind after you destroy an enemy and talking of which they come in all shapes and sizes with some pretty nice looking end of level bosses too. Graphics are nice and detailed a do the game justice as does the sound track that thumps along as you play. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon, X key is a light sabre that clears the screen just in front of you, C key is your special weapon and V key changes your primary weapon it’s hard to explain so just give it a go, Enter key toggles between full screen and windows mode or you can use a gamepad. I don’t post many horizontal shooters but this one is worth a go.

Download From Here

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