Boss Fight

Boss Fight has to be the hardest boss battle game I’ve every come across and you may find yourself getting very angry because just when you think you’re doing well a well placed bullet hits you and the main reason being there is no hit box so no bullet grazing here. Also you get no power ups so your two weapons stay the same which makes thing even harder but if you persistent chances are you will get a high score this really is a game you have to keep having one more try at. Graphics and sound are excellent throughout the graphics are as good as a lot of  stand alone shooters are are nice and detailed. Controls are Keyboard or Gamepad it’s upto you to choose from the main menu.

Play It Here

Bind Soul

Bind Soul is a nice little vertical shooter that doesn’t offer anything new really but it’s still a tough little nut to crack. The one thing that is kind of different is that you get no special weapon to clear the screen when it gets heavy going you do get a little help in that a tap of the X key and all the bullets turn into something that increase one of the two meters on the side of the screen which when topped up you get a slight power up. Graphics are nice and detailed although on later levels the scrolling background does sometimes make it difficult to see whats going on which can result in certain death. Controls are cursor keys to move z keys is you fire button and x is you special key or you can use a gamepad. despite it not offering much new it’s still worth a download.

Download From Here

Battle Blade 2

If Retro graphics are you thing then you should check out this little side scrolling shooter. The graphics are true 8bit style graphics which is why I like this game so much. It also has simple controls Cursor keys to move, shift to fire holding you finger down is your auto fire option and ctrl Key is your special weapon use it wisely though as you only have the one and you don’t get another until you die or the game sees fit that you have earned one. Enemy Bullets are quite heavy but easy to work out the pattern once played a few times even the bosses are easy to dispose of even easier if you have a special weapon left as this normally is enough to kill him off. A short little game only 5 levels but good fun all the same.

It also works on Vista so that is a plus aswell.

Download From Here

Bounce Shot

Bounce Shot is a strange little Space Invader/Breakout game from Nigoro. It’s a browser based game with cute colourful graphics and plinky music playing away in the background.  I say its like a breakout game because if you fire your shots at an angle they bounce of the walls in the hope of killing the cute invader guys. The reason for the bouncing off the wall is that some of the invaders have armoured bodies so can only be killed when you hit them in a certain place where a normal shot wouldn’t reach. They are power ups to collect along the way to with a boss thrown in for good measure ever now and again. This game won’t appeal to everyone but if you have a spare 10 minutes here and there at work its well worth a quick game.

Play It Here

Blue Shift

Blue Shift is a nice retro looking browser-based side scrolling shooter. It’s quite an easy game once you choose which character to play as you get a choice of three all with different Shield and Power and at times it does turn into a bit of a bullet hell game and depending what weapon you have at the time is the deciding factor in how well you do at this point. There are power ups a plenty to help you on your way however some weapons benefit you and some don’t you have to learn which is best as you play the game. Visuals are nice and retro as I said with nice sound effects that match the atmosphere of the game. Controls are Cursor keys to move S is to fire and A is your shield. If you like your games browser-based give this one a go.

Play It Here

Bug Bomb

I’m going back to another cute little game I found over on The 2 Bears site. Its a Side Scrolling shooter that has been made in Java. It’s not a game that will suit everyone but its ok when you fancy something different but is still challenging at the same time. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Ctrl key is to drop your bombs. Graphics are good with a nice twist in that your ship has eyes on it as do the things you have to kill I can only describe them as birds. It looks kind of like the arcade classic Scramble with more shocking colours for the back ground. If you like Java stuff give this one ago.

Play It Here

Bugs Attack

This is a cute little Vertical shooter that is a little strange as in that you play the part of a Lady Bird and have to shoot an array of other insects. It won’t suit the hardened Shmup fans but it might just be the kind of thing that will get your kids involved in Shumps with its cute and colourful graphics and simple game play. Its mouse controlled with your left mouse button as your Fire button and Space Bar is for your bombs which are in fact lasers which makes it more kid friendly being mouse controlled. As I said it’s not a hard game but you might like to try it anyways you will need to have a version of Flash installed as the games comes as a flash file.

Play It Here

Black Armada

Black Armada is a Vertical Shooter that reminds me of so many of the shooters that got me hooked so many years ago. This game has three levels for you to play through and if you read the site I got it from it looks like it may well have more in the future so keep an I open for updates. For a Vertical shmup this game ticks all the right boxes it has power ups special weapons and lots of bullets and bad guys for you to evade before you reach you end of level boss some are easy to finish off others take a few more shots to see them off. Visuals are nice and detailed if a little dark in some places it can be hard to see your own ship but you soon get used to this and the game plays nice and smooth. You can choose which controls you want to use from the main menu just redefine to you favourite keys before you start the game and you also need to have Java installed on your PC to run this as it is written in Java.

Download It Here

Biker Banditz

Since coming across this game I’ve pretty much been playing it none stop. It’s a horizontal shooter that has some of the nicest cartoon style I’ve seen in a game however just because of that it doesn’t mean it’s a push over it has enemies coming at you in all directions at lighting speeds so reflexes are a must for this it also has some of the biggest bosses ever. To help you get to choose from three characters to do your fighting for you and then you get your primary weapon and a special weapon which has to be charged to get the best effect from it. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon and X key is your special weapon and you can use a joypad if you wish. All shmup fans will love this game so give it a try.

Download From Here

Boom Go Go

This is a strange one for you to try its a vertical shooter with a slight twist to it not only to you have to deal with enemies but you also have to avoid objects that try to slow you down and that’s where this is different because it’s all about speed. If you don’t just the baddies quick enough they slow you down as do objects and whilst you are slowing down a massive fire wall is edging its way up the screen to devour your. You only get one weapon which you can power up to help but this is a very difficult game to master. Visuals are great nice colourful pixel graphics through out so it looks very nice indeed. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Ctrl keys is your main weapon. It’s worth a try if you like fast games.

Download From Here

Broken Garden

A slight change of pace for a change with a nice little browser vertical shmup. There is nothing to taxing in this game well not in the early levels they do get harder as you go on but with nimble fingers you should soon get to the end of this. Lots of bad guys to shoot at and they like to shoot back at you some are easy to dodge but the ones who fire lasers are a little more difficult. To power you weapons up after each level you get to buy upgrades and you will need them. graphics are nice and simple and everything seems to move nice and smooth. Controls are Cursor Keys to Move, Z key is your Primary Weapon and X key is your secondary weapon. This is more of a game for playing when you don’t have much time or don’t feel like a bullet hell game.

Play It Here

Broom Craft

I came across this whilst looking for another game and liked the look of the screen shots so I downloaded and found quite a good little horizontal cute em up that for some reason reminds me of Super Mario Brothers Not sure why could be the music or the very nice cute graphics I’ll leave it up to you to decide. What you get though is a tough shooter that is quite hard so don’t let the looks make you think it will be easy you may well be shooting birds and balloons but they are all intent on destroying you so make sure you keep your eyes open. You get two weapons each of which you have to power up before they work so make sure you collect everything left by the enemies as this is what makes you more powerful and you do need it in later levels. Controls are Cursor keys to move, X Key is your primary weapon and Z Key is your special weapon once it’s powered up or you can use a game pad. This really is a nice game and well worth a download.

Download From Here

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