Cosmic Invaders

Cosmic Invaders is a game I found over on Indie Games Blog and is in the style of Space Invaders but with a slight twist to how you actually shoot the invaders. Instead of just blasting away you have to use strategy as well because you have to choose from various weapon’s that you position at the bottom of the play away which then just use auto fire and its then up to you to upgrade them and repair them as you gain money for each invader you shoot down and you also get the odd Boss level thrown at you just for good measure and it may seem easy to start with but things soon begin to hot up as you progress through the levels. Visuals are colourful with that pixel effect to them which is making a come back at the minute which I’m in favour of. Controls are simple they are Mouse Controlled so it keeps things nice and simple.  If you fancy a different kind of  Space Invader I’d give this one a try if I was you.

Download From Here


Cloudphobia is a two level trial Mech Side Scrolling Shooter that I found on Shoot The Core. I’m not normally into Mech shooters but this one has something about it that i liked. It has some great graphics that are nice and detailed level 2 is my favorite of the 2 levels because the visuals in this level are stunning. On starting the game you get to choose from two different characters each with their own special ability and you can complete this with both of them but would imagine as more content is added it will make more of a difference as to which you choose to play.There are also two modes which you can choose to play and they are a timed level which is when you need to complete it in a certain amount of time or untimed. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Key to fire, X Keys is for Missiles and C Key gives your character a speed boost. This is one of the best shooters I’ve come across lately so its worth a download.

Download From Here

Chaos Space 2

Chaos Space 2 is an Arena Shooter that I found on the Blitz forum and being a fan of the type of game I downloaded straight away. The game itself is very much like many of the GeoWars clones that have been released over the years and doesn’t really offer anything new to the genre but it is an arena shooter and these seem to be few and far between so it deserved a go. As you play the game you get your normal kind of  power ups to help you along the all of which only last for a short amount of time before they leave you with your primary weapon to finish them off. Visuals are nice and vectorish and do the job well whilst sound is mainly music playing away in the back ground however this does fit in nice with the game play. Controls are Mouse Control only so are easy to get used to. My main bad point is that everything is in german so you have to click on a few things to see what does what and once that’s done your away. Not one for every Shmup fan but if you like arena shooters you will like this too.

Download From Here

Cosmic Pirates

Cosmic Pirates is a cool horizontal shooter that I came across the other day on YoYo Games site. It’s slightly different from other shumps of its kind because you have to destroy the enemies which range from Asteroids to Space ships and each time you destroy one a crystal is left behind which when you collect you are given a money value for and if you don’t collect they join with others crystals which become bigger and are worth more. The reason for this is that you have to collect a certain amount of money each time before you get a chance to power up with one of quite a few different weapons to choose from. The visuals for this game are excellent and give a lot of the other games out there a run for their money with detailed space ships and massive explosions for you to look at and the sound effects fit in perfect as they are very loud which shows that the job has been done. Controls are Mouse only which makes things quite easy to get used to. The one thing that is missing is there are no Bosses to defeat however this is still worth a download.

Download From Here

Crush Storm

Crush Storm is a good old vertical bullet hell shmup that should please most of the shmup fans out there. It has everything you need in a shooter lots of bullets lots of power ups and more than enough bosses that will give the best of you a run for your money. Visuals are nice and colourful and big so you get no eye strain on this one and the bullet patterns are none stop on this one . Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Keys is your main weapon, X Keys is your first special weapon and C Key is your second special weapon and you can use a Joy Pad to if you wish too. An old style shooter with lots going for it.

Download From Here

Cage Stg

If you remember the NES days you will love this demo that I came across over on Indiegames. It’s a vertical shoot em up that has that nice 8 bit style NES graphics that got me hooked on home consoles and if you close your eyes it even sounds like a NES game. Enemies come at you thick and fast but are easy dealt with by collecting the blue orbs that are left behind after you shoot a baddie by collecting these your fire power increases to make you a fighting machine there are also a few  bosses that you need to deal with too. If you understand Japanese you will understand the game more than I do but I like it because it brings back memories from long ago. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Z key is your fire button.

Download From Here

Chaos 3000

This is a great one level demo I came across over on Shoot The Core and for a change it’s in english. Its you standard kind of vertical shump that has lots of bullets lots of enemies that seen intent on destroying you at all costs and if that isn’t enough there is a huge boss to defeat at the end of the level. You have an array of weapons to help you along the way so not all is lost. Visuals are very nice indeed with some of the best detail I’ve seen in recent new games coming out. It doesn’t give a lot away in this level but its just enough to keep you wondering what the finished product will be like. Controls are fully definable so best thing is to chose what your comfortable with. It’s not the longest of demos but well worth a look.

Download From Here

Crimzon Clover

I’ve waited a long time for this trial to be released after I saw the screen shots at this years Comiket C77 and it was well worth the wait. If your going to play one shooter then you have to try this it has everything that a vertical shooter should have loads of bullets loads of enemies and awesome bosses for you to destroy and not forgetting some of the best weapons for you to destroy your enemies with. Graphics are superb through out with lots of detail and the while games play very smooth indeed. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z key is you main weapon and X keys is your special weapon depending how charged it is depends on the awesome out come once you use this weapon. You just have to give this a go it gives the rest of the shmups out there something to aim for.

Download From Here

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