Phase One Complete

I’m pleased to say that phase one of the update to the blog is now complete after a good few weeks of hard work. All the download links should now be ok there were a lot of them missing and the ones we can’t find links for we will upload them when we get the chance.

For now though a little rest is needed.

Thanks for keeping on coming back to the blog it’s what makes it all worth while.

Mikey (Admin)


Site Update

As you may have noticed the update is on the way and proving more work than first thought as we have found a lot of links on the site no longer exist which means we now have to hunt for new links or upload them ourselves which takes time.

If you spot any links that do not work on the updated pages whether it be for downloads or links to other pages on the site please contact us and lets us know at

We are trying to make sure everything works but with the size of the task things will get missed and we don’t have time to check all the links at this moment.

Thanks again for your support and keep on shmuping

Mikey (Admin)