X Bomber is quite a complex vertical shmup. I say that because there are so many keys you need to use to play this that it sometimes distracts you from the actual game whilst thinking what key you need to use to perform a particular shoot or action. However when you get the hang of them this is quite a nice little game to play and in some cases complete because you have other things that appear in the game to help you along without being told they are there to help you out. I was trying to shoot a lot of these helpers when I first played and wondered what the hell was going on. On the visual side they are nice pixel type graphics that remind me of 16 bit computer days with detail were needed. If you want to try this then you need to grab it soon because Big Brother has said the guy who wrote it has stolen ideas that are still being used so grab it soon it may not be there for long. So if you like complex shooters that you need more fingers than you have go for it. And see the read me file for the controls to many to mention here.

Download From Here


I found this little gem whilst looking for new shmups the other day. It’s a another vertical scroller as seems to be the case with most shmups old and new but I love em. The graphics are in the 16bit style so it looks nice and retro but that’s where the ends because this is a fast furious bullets hell game from the out set. It’s not over challenging but you will find yourself starting over and over again. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Shift key is your spread shot, Z Key is for concentrated firepower and you special weapon is charged by shooting the enemy and pressing the X key to activate it. Once you’ve completed a few levels you can select a stage to reply again if you so wish. Another Classic Retro Shooter.

Download From Here

Xeno Fighters X

This is a remake of a game by the same guy who made the game in the first place the difference being that the first game was made with MMF and this is being made with Game Maker which is more powerful than MMF. Having never played the original I can’t compare the two but what I’ve seen of this game so far this is going to be one top shmup. The graphics for the game have all been borrowed from other shmups like Raiden, 1943 and other game of the same nature but that fit in nice and make the whole thing a very retro shmup which I like a lot. The game plays nice and smooth even when things get really busy on-screen which is pretty much from the start of the game there are loads of power ups to help you along the way too. If you tried the first version you must give this one a go. Controls are Cursor Keys to Move,  Z Keys is your main weapon and X Keys is your special weapon which are different depending on which of the three craft you choose to use to play in the game with.

Check For Latest Download Here

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