This is the latest version of this well thought out game. The game itself is a journey through the years of Shoot Em Ups. Starting out with 8Bit Space Invader games through the Nes and Snes then onto colourful 3D backgrounds and I would imagine that by the time this game is finished it will be right up to date. The graphics are excellent through out as is the sound. You have quite a few levels of difficulty to try from from Easy through to down right near impossible. As you shoot the enemy’s the give of what look like bubbles these are what you have to collect to move onto the next generation of shoot em up that is after you defeat the final boss in each generation. Joypad is a must to play this as there are quite a few buttons needed to play this game. Being a japanese game the author has given an english manual for you to read before you start to play so you won’t be in the dark like when you play some of the excellent Japanese games out there.

Download From Here

Gamma Bros

I love Pixel games and this is one of my favorite browser games from Pixeljam Games which has been around for a while and thought it deserved being mentioned again. Is a very nice little co-op shooter with your partner being a computer controled. The graphics are very nice Pixel ones like the Commodore 64 used to have with lots of nice little touches like just before you die you lose the craft you are in and continue to fight with a jetpack on your back. It’s not a game that will keep you at it for hours at a time but it makes a nice fresh challenge every now and again.

Play It Here


I found this little vertical shooter over on IndieGames a thought it was worth a mention on here. It’s a straight forward vertical shmup with what it best described as retro looking graphics with a NES colour pallets used. There is only five levels with a boss fight at the end of each level but even with the difficulty level set to easy it’s still quite a nasty little game to play however you do get a power up every now and again to help you on your way. Controls are cursor keys to move, C to fire holding your finger on the key works as auto fire, X is for your special weapon and Cis for you shield. The one downside is the music it just doesn’t go with the game a more NES type of tune would have been better however if you like your games looking NES coloured then give it a try.

Download From Here

Galactic Firestorm

Galatic Firestorm is a vertical scrolling shooter in the same sort of style as Raiden and the likes and this is made with Game Maker. Game play is simple shoot or be shot. There are 4 difficulty settings all which start you off nice and steady but after a while the bullets soon start to fly. The power up systems is different from the normal collect a pod kind of game with each level finished you get to choose which weapons you want to choose each having their own use so choose wisely. Graphics are quite good too so it’s quite nice to look at and there are loads of different enemies as well. On the sound side the tunes playing are ripped from various arcade games and fit in well with the game as do the spot effects. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z key is for your bombs, C is for firing its best to hold your finger on this one as it acts as auto fire and X is supposed to change your weapon but I couldn’t get it to do this maybe it was just me. You can also map the keys to who you want so that’s a nice little touch. Well Worth a download.

Download From Here

Galaxian 2007

A long time ago when the arcade craze had just began in the uk this was one of my favorite games and now thanks to the guys at Acoders its had a bit of a face lift. Galaxian was the next take on the classic space invaders except this had colour a lot more noise and needed sharper reflexes. This remake adds to that in that the graphics have been polished up the same sounds are there but this time you get to have power ups which you didn’t get in the original so makes for an easier game to play. Controls are Cursor keys to move Left and Right and the Shift keys to fire or you can redefine them to suit your taste. If you’re a fan of the classics give this one a try now.

Download From Here

Golden Pearl

Golden Pearl is a very cute Cute Em Up that has recently been finished. Its your normal Horizontal Shooter but with the cutest of graphics with lots of weird and wonderful sea creatures to shoot at. It was made using Game Maker and I’m pleased to say that it plays quite well indeed although it does take a while to load up but that’s down to the music and graphics all being contained in the .exe file. If you are feeling a little tired of Bullet Hell games than this is just the ticket to chill out to. There is no need to have lighting reflexes you just let yourself tootle along with it really. Its had to describe it really so just download and try it for yourself. controls are Cursor Keys to move and CTRL key is your one and only weapon because that’s all you will need.

Download From Here

Generic Arena Shmup

With my new-found liking of Arena Shmups I’ve been looking to find a good one and this is the best that I have played to date. This game plays better than Geo Wars and all the others that you would pay good money for. Visuals in the game are superb as is the thumping background music. The aim is to stay alive as long as you can whilst shooting the many many enemy’s and bullets and asteroids and laser that keep throwing themselves at you until you lose all you three shields. The difficulty level is set just right in that you get a nice slow build up of opposition until your screen is a mass of them. Weapons are down to two with a primary laser and then your special weapon which sucks everything into the screen with great effect. You also get to choose from three ships each with a different speed and fire depending on your taste. Controls are too many to mention on here but I found it best to use an Xbox360 controller to make things easier for me. You really need to download this and try it is all that is left to say.

Download From Here


The 6th Rapid Prototype Session over on Shmup-Dev has finished and this is where i found this little gem by Hima. The session this time is based on Boss fights alone. Gosu offers nice visuals with bullet hell game play and is more than challenging enough to keep you at it for a while. All you have to do is defeat the boss and dodge the ever increase and stunning bullet patterns that are thrown at you. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z is to Shoot, X is your Bomb, A is to increase you bet which I guess bumps the number of bullets and your score the bigger the bet you put on and Shift is for precise movement. It’s not the longest game and I’m sure most will complete it all in one sitting but it wasn’t intended to be a massive game just something to show what can be done in a short time.

Download From Here

Grid Runner

I’m mentioning Grid Runner from Llamasoft because not only is it a classic among classics there is soon to be another improved addition to this great but strange colourful shooter. Jeff Minter was one of the great 8 Bit gaming masters from many years ago who designed some very strange but colourful games across most platforms with Grid Runner being a classic shoot em up and am pleased that this has passed over to his PC games. This game has every thing colourful visuals masses of strange and weird baddies to defeat and just down right fun to play so give this classic a go now you won’t regret it. Controls are Mouse Control.

Download From Here

Galaxian Remake

Galaxian doesn’t need any introduction really because anyone who is into shooters will have come across this one at some point. This remake is pretty close to the original with a few new graphic touches that make it nice to look at and improved it a little. There isn’t really much I can say other than if you liked it in the arcades this is about as good as it gets on your own PC. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Space Bar to fire.

Download From Here

Giga Star Fighter

This Japanese Vertical Shooter will confuse the hell out of you so why add it on here I here you ask because its one of the hardest yet strangest games I’ve ever come across. It has you normal kind of stuff like power ups, special weapons, different ships for you to choose to defeat the bad guys and loads of enemies and tough boss fights but it’s just hard to beat but has you coming back for more. Visuals are best described as retro 8 bit but are nice and colourful and detail and there are lots of different things for you to look at and the sound is also very strange. This really is a strange but will have you coming back for more. Controls are Cursor keys to move , Z key  is you primary weapon and X key is your special weapon. Try it you know you want to.

Download To Follow

Girl Raiden

Girl Raiden is a nice little vertical browser shmup I came across by accident and was really surprised at the quality of  it. Don’t let the name get you confused the only thing this has to do with Raiden is the weapons which you get to use which are the same as in Raiden the rest of it is a really good cute em up that is no easy task to complete. Even on easy setting you are bombarded with enemies so as soon as you get the chance to power up your weapons I suggest you do so and try to hold on to them for as long as you can there are also mid level bosses as well as big end of level bosses for you to destroy which is why it’s a must to stay fully powered up. Visuals are very nice and detailed and have loads of colour so the games looks really nice with matching music playing away in the background to add to the whole atmosphere. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z is your primary weapon and X is your special weapon. I know a lot of Shmup fans aren’t keen on browser games but you will be missing out if you don’t try this one.

Play It Here


Galagian as it sounds is a kind of Galaga remake if you like with a mix of a few other games. I’ve been playing it a while and it’s quite enjoyable and has that I’ll give it one more try factor. As I said it’s like Galaga only in this one you get to collect power ups along the way to help you out and on later levels you need that extra help. Visuals have been bought up to date and look very nice as does the thumping dance music playing away in the background and there are quite a few different enemies for you to destroy. It’s mouse control to keep things nice and easy although the keyboard controls also work but aren’t that good. If you like your shooters retro it’s well worth a go.

Play It Here

Galaxy Invaders

A nice little Space Invaders update for you too spend you lunch breaks on. There’s not a great deal to say other than it has need updated visuals and each level the invaders are set in a different pattern just to make things look different. Everything else is the same as Space Invaders you only get the one weapon but it’s more than enough. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Space to fire. If you like getting high scores this is the game for you.

Play It Here




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