Ifrit is quite an old side scrolling shooter in the same style gradius but with a difference. The difference being that in this game you only get one weapon to use. However this is more than enough because it’s a nice easy Shooter for fans who are not that good when it comes to bullet hell games. Graphics and sound are both good and it is quite a short but enjoyable game. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Z Key to shoot simple. If you want to run this on Vista you need to download d3drm.dll file and place it in the same folder as the .EXE file. If you fancy a go at an old game download it now.

Download From Here


I guess this one doesn’t take much working out its Space Invaders with an Isometric view. Space Invaders was were it all began for my love of shooters and when I found this with its nice little twist I had to add it. Visuals are nice in this version and it has the same sound effects that the original game had to. It takes some getting used to though when playing because sometimes when you think you are lined up for a shoot you miss and have to try again. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Key its to fire and F4 toggles between full screen and windowed mode. I can’t really say anymore than if you’re a fan try it I did and liked it.

Download From Here

Infinity Squadron

A nice little vertical shmup for you to try here in fact I would say that it is a bullet hell shmup because things might start off easy but within a short time there are more bullets and enemies on the screen than you can deal with so be prepared for some quick reflex usage. To help you only get one weapon that if you tap the fire key you get a spread shoot and if you had the fire key down you get a more straight line of fire that has more power to it so you might find yourself using this a lot. Visuals have a nice Commodore 64 style of graphic and are quite detailed and with a matching tune playing along in the back ground so it feels very retro to play. Controls are Cursor Keys to Move and Z Key is your Fire button. Well worth a try if you like rock hard shooters. The file you download is called waves but its the same game before the author changed it.

Download From Here


A vertical shooter with a difference this one in fact some may not class it as a shmup so I’ll let you decide. Instead of a space ship you control a knight who wanders around the screen shooting various different things from blobs of jelly to trees yes I said trees. To help you out you can collect different weapons by destroying wooden chests that appear around the place each with its own surprise inside you also get to collect other knights who will then help you along the way also it has some of the hardest Bosses I’ve every seen in a game so what looks easy to start soon gets very difficult. Visuals a nice and detailed and have that Amiga look about them but better and it plays very smooth. Controls are Cursor Keys to Move, Z or X Key is you fire button because you only get one weapon at a time to use you can also use a game pad if you wish. Like shumps with a difference give this a go.

Download From Here


tryInsectoid is a vertical shooter in the same style as that age-old classic Galaga and that’s where it ends because this has its own little twists and turn that differ it from Galaga like power ups and score bonus and some of the coolest looking Boss levels that I have seen for a while thinking about I shouldn’t compare it because this is a whole lot more with different kinds of levels as you  progress. To start you get to choose your ship from four different ones each with their own special weapon so give them all a try to choose the one that suits you best. The power ups you collect only last for a short while so be sure to make full use of them when you see then because they are few and fair between so keep your eyes peeled for them and you also have to collect fall items to power up your special weapon again this only lasts for a short time so be sure collect all you can you will need them in later levels. Graphics are very nice and detailed and look very nice and there is also a lot of lighting effects throughout the levels to add to the atmosphere. You can define your own controls to what you are used to from the main menu and you can also use game pad if you wish. So if you fancy a classic shooter with nice shinny graphics give this demo a go.

Download From Here


This is a demo of probably the cheapest game you could ever buy and what a buy a just $1. Irukandji is a vertical shooter that has to be the best looking game I’ve seen for a while because the visuals are really nice and glowy and colourful with loads of particle effects when you shoot a bad guy down. The game itself it a pretty hard nut to crack with a vast amount of sea creatures trying to do destroy you as best you can and if your lucky enough to reach the boss at the end then you’re in for a real fight because they are rock hard to beat. To help there are power ups along the way for you to collect and you also have a special weapon but once you have used it you have to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again. Controls are Cursor keys to move Z key is your fire button, X keys is your fire button and C key is your special weapon or you can use a game pad if you wish. For $1 its well worth getting the full game.

Download From Here

Invaders Possibly From Mars

I’ve been waiting for a while now for this game to be completed and at last it has. It a Space Invaders meets Futurama game why the two I’m not sure but what we have is a pretty good Space Invaders game with some nice shiny graphics and interesting game play. Unlike other games of this kind you get power ups that are flown in throughout the game but they only last a short while so make them count when you get you also get videos that pop up from time to time with characters from the cartoon series Futurama which is another nice little twist. Controls are via your Mouse and you can use a Joy stick if you like just select it from the options menu. So if you like getting high scores give this a go.

Download From Here


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