Knightly The Dark Forest

A nice little one level demo this of a horizontal scrolling shooter from Pixel Licker Games. One thing that stands out in this game is the Very nice pixel graphics some of the best I have seen and with nice sounds effects to match make this a great start to what looks like could be a very good game when finished. You control Knightly with either the Keyboard or a Joypad it’s up to you to choose in the options menu. You have two weapons with which to destroy your enemy and also a shield you can activate which also increases you score as it turn enemy bullets into points. The boss in this level is quite easy to destroy and I didn’t think giant cauldrons could be dangerous but in this game they are. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for future developments.

Download From Here

Knight Of Cancer

The full title to this is Knight Of Cancer – I Feed On The Likes Of You wins the prize for the longest title and also is one very hard Horizontal Shooter. From the word go this is a total bullet hell game with Vectorish style graphics. It only boast to having five levels which isn’t a lot but they are five hard levels. Pressing F1 on start-up gives you the low down on what keys to use. You can also use a Joy Pad which I would suggest. Your weapons are your primary weapon holding your finger down turns this into a solid laser which seems less effective than your primary weapon. You also get a bomb which clears the screen of everything i found myself using this a lot. If you want to run this on Vista you have to convert the .EXE. You can download the Conversion tool from Here . So if you like your shooters hard to beat download it now.

Download From Here

Kobo Deluxe

AuthenticKaizen sent me the link for this great Arena Shooter. It reminds me a lot of a game called Hunters Moon that was a classic 8 Bit game that has just been remade. Having said that though they are both very different games when you come to play them. Visuals and sound are excellent with the learning curve set just right and the whole things moves along nice and smooth. There is several difficulty levels to choose from starting at classic style then working its way up to down right difficult is they only word I can call it. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, and Ctrl key is you fire button holding this key down acts as auto fire, You can also choose you own style from the main menu in the game. If you like this kind of game give it a go.

Download From Here


If this two level demo is anything to go by this is going to be cool shooter when finished. I got this little gem from the Shmup-Dev Forum the other day and it is a very nice looking vertical shoot em up that is very simple to play but you must have quick reflexes as the screen gets very busy indeed with loads of enemies being thrown at you some which shoot back and some that don’t. To help you have a few power ups which increase the amount of bullets you fire each time you collect one and you also have a special weapon which fills the screen with bullets and pretty much clears everything on there. Visuals and sound are both very good and the bosses are very nice to look at but are hard to defeat and the whole game plays nice and smooth to. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, X Key is your main weapon and Z Keys is your special weapon and you can also use a JoyPad or Mouse to control the game it’s totally up to you. I recommend you keep an eye on this because I thinks its going to be a cool shooter when finished. The download for this is in two parts but all you need to do is download both to the same folder and just make sure you use the first download first then it will find the second part itself.

Download From Here

Kino One

I waited a long time for this vertical shooter to be released and I finally managed to get hold of a review copy from the guys at itbgames I’ve found myself not sure about it. It’s not just a shooter there are six other classic arcade games that come with this but I’m more interested in Kino One which is a very retro looking and sounding shooter it has all the classic shooter elements to plenty of enemies and power ups for you to collect and you also have to defeat end of level bosses but my problem is that each level seems to be pretty much the same as the previous one throughout the game which some might find a little boring after a while don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad shooter and for $4.95 for seven games it’s a good deal I hoped that it would offer more though. Graphics and sound are excellent and it plays well you can even play co-op mode if you have a friend which is where the real fun begins. You can define your controls from the options menu to choose which method your prefer I would recommend a game pad if you have one. As I said is not a bad game but hardcore shmup fans might not like it and the other games that come with it are excellent remakes if you get bored shooting so check the demo out first to see if it’s your kind of game.

Download From Here


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