Hanuro Hawk

Hanuro Hawk is a timed level vertical shooter that caught my attention whilst on The Daily Click and is a very good example of what can be created with the likes of Multi Media Fusion type software. In each level you have a set amount of time to get the best score you can before moving onto the next level and to help you out you get only one weapon but by collecting icons left by destroyed enemies you can change that to a different kind of weapon there are quite a few different ones to choose from each with a different power so be sure to choose the right to ensure you get the highest score you can. Graphics are very nice and detailed and the music also fits in nice with the action in the game I hate music that is there just for the sake of it so this makes a nice change. Controls are cursor keys to move and shift key is you fire button game pad control is also an option. Its not the most exciting but well worth a download and one more thing no end of level boss to contend with.

Download From Here

The Embodiment Of Scarlett Devil (8 Bit Style)

Do you ever remember seeing a Doujin Shmup when you owned your first ever 8 Bit computer all those years ago? Well this little vertical shooter I stumbled across over on Doujin Style Is just that except it’s made for the PC with retro 8 Bit style graphics and music and sound effects and I think it’s the only one there is so gaming fans from the 80’s will love it. It looks very much like The Embodiment Of Scarlett Devil I’ve not compared them to close but it looks pretty close. I can’t really say a lot about it other than download it and give it a try controls are cursor keys to move, Z key is your main weapon and X key is your special weapon. If ever you thought something was missing when you had you Commodore 64 this is what could have been back then.

Download From Here

Shoot 1 Up (Xbox360)

I’d already been keeping an eye on the progress of this when Nathan at Mommys Best Games contacted and asked if I was interested in reviewing a new shmup almost ready for release and I jumped at the chance. Shoot 1 Up isn’t your normal vertical shooter because instead of collecting power ups in this game you collect 1Up’s which give you another ship that fights alongside you and if you keep on collecting you get more ships to fight alongside you I got up to having 20 ship’s firing away now that’s what I call fire power also along the way you get to choose the direction your game takes so you don’t always have to play it in vertical mode. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes and are constant from the start and should you get to the end of the level you get to take on some pretty awesome bosses that have been really well designed and are nice and detailed as are the graphics through out this game. If you get tired of playing by yourself you can play in co-op mode if you have a friend handy and that is real good fun so be sure to invite your mates round also if you want to play it like a normal shmup there is an option in there for that as well you get the same amount of bosses but only one ship so be warned. The one downside to this game though is that PC owners will have to wait a while as it’s being released on Xbox Arcade first. I played a review copy on my PC thanks to Nathan and I’m told there will be a few more tweaks before the games is released. Xbox owners are in for a treat with this one so keep an eye open for it.

Check It Out Here


Extra is a vertical shooter that has a nice retro feel and is similar to Patriot Dark. From the start of the game you are under attack from both ground and air enemies which seem intent on your destruction. To help avoid that you have three weapons all which can be powered up through out by collecting power up icons to give you a boost once fully powered up the enemy is no longer a problem once you reach the end of the level you have a boss to take out all of which are nice and detailed. When you start you also get a choice of two ships to choose from each with different weapons so its down to you to choose which suits you best. As I said graphics are nice and retro and are nice and detailed so you can see what is what. I could only get a game pad to work on this so I’m not sure if there are any keyboard controls which I’m sure there is you just have to find then. Nice shmup this give it a go.

Works With Vista And Windows 7

Download From Here

Mac OS Shmup Help Required

I’ve been asked a few times now if any of the games on the blog work on a Mac. What I’m looking for is someone who can test and review Mac Shmups so I can post about them with credit for the review given to who ever submitted the review. You don’t have to be an expert reviewer you just have to give a few lines about the game and some screen shots.

If anyone is interested in joining the Topshmups team contact me through the contacts page on here and we will go from there.


Mikey (Admin)

Space Mutants From Mars

A cool little browser shooter for you here that I first came across if in the Apple App Games Store then I found it was also available on the PC. It plays like Space Invaders with the enemy moving left to right and slowly down the screen and all you have to do is stop them. To help power up your ships weapons collect the money that is dropped and then after each level off you go to the shop to beef up your ship then off you go to the next level. You also get some pretty big bosses every so often that take a bit of skill to defeat and as you progress they get harder so you need to beef your fire power when ever you have the chance. Graphics are nice and I really like the purple it’s a cool retro look. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Z key to fire. A fairly easy shooter to while away that spare half hour that you might have during the day.

Works With Vista & Windows 7

Play It Here

Kino One

I waited a long time for this vertical shooter to be released and I finally managed to get hold of a review copy from the guys at itbgames I’ve found myself not sure about it. It’s not just a shooter there are six other classic arcade games that come with this but I’m more interested in Kino One which is a very retro looking and sounding shooter it has all the classic shooter elements to plenty of enemies and power ups for you to collect and you also have to defeat end of level bosses but my problem is that each level seems to be pretty much the same as the previous one throughout the game which some might find a little boring after a while don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad shooter and for $4.95 for seven games it’s a good deal I hoped that it would offer more though. Graphics and sound are excellent and it plays well you can even play co-op mode if you have a friend which is where the real fun begins. You can define your controls from the options menu to choose which method your prefer I would recommend a game pad if you have one. As I said is not a bad game but hardcore shmup fans might not like it and the other games that come with it are excellent remakes if you get bored shooting so check the demo out first to see if it’s your kind of game.

Works With Vista & Windows 7

Download From Here