Patriot Dark

Patriot Dark is a very good bullet hell game. The game only has three levels at the minute and they are no push over when you crank the difficulty level up. Graphics are of a high standard and I’ve never seen so many bullets being fired at you in one go. Sound is also awesome with a great music backing track aswell as loud explosions. Controls are definable so you can choose you favorite or my personal choice is to use a joypad. You get three weapons that power up as you collect the few power ups that appear. You have you main Fire weapon but hold your finger on the fire button and it turns into a more powerful weapon to dispose of some of the big enemy’s and lastly you have your normal bomb shot. Before you start you get to choose from two different ships that each have different weapons so try each to see which suits you best. This is well worth the download.

Download From Here


I’m not normally a fan of arena shooters but this one caught my eye in the Intel Game Demo Contest 2008. The game itself plays a bit like Geometry Wars with various different power ups given for a short period of time before reverting back to your normal shot pattern. The graphics however are nice and 3d ish I guess you could say as opposed vector graphics and really to the game justice. Sound and music are also very good through out. On the control front there are various options available you just have to choose which style you prefer in the options menu. I found using my Xbox360 controller the best method with one stick for moving around and the other for firing in different directions. It’s quite a difficult game however with practice you soon find yourself zipping from one level to the next.

Download From Here

Prompt Critical

Prompt Critical isn’t exactly a Shmup as you know it. Its more of a first person shooter in a way but it’s also a Shmup which is why I added it. The graphics are nice 3D graphics with great music and sounds to and once the game gets going you may with end up going dizzy with the action on the screen. It’s very simple to play all you do is shoot the wave after wave of enemies that come towards with either your main gun or the limited amount of bombs that you get. Controls are Mouse control with Left click for fire and Right click swaps in between guns and bombs. I’ve only been playing it for a short while so can’t judge the game completely but what I have played I like a lot.

Download From Here


Phoenix is an old arcade game that has been revamped by Minionsoft. It was quite a difficult game when it was first released in the arcades and I’m pleased to say that the remakes remains the same. You only have one weapon which is your Laser and a shield just in case you get into trouble. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Space to fire and Left CTRL key is your shield you can also re-configure the keys from the main menu. Visuals are very nice and up to date with one of the best looking explosions I’ve seen in a game. The down side is that if you have vista you need to download d3drm.dll and put it in the same folder as the .exe file to make the game work XP works fine though without downloading the dll file. If you fancy a blast from the past with nice shiny new graphics give it a go.

Download From Here

Pop Pirates

This is a fun little browser game I came across which is a little different from others shooters you may have played. In this game all of your tunes have been stolen by a virus and its up to you to get as many of them back as you can by killing of the different virus’s that keep trying to attack you after you shoot a virus you have a short time to collect your missing file because as soon as it is set free it starts to count down in Kb’s remaining. Visuals and sound are quite retro and at times it seems like your playing it on an Amiga or some other 16bit machine from the past and it also has some very strange-looking Bosses for you to defeat. The whole thing is Mouse controlled with you Left button for fire and your Right button for your special weapon as there are plenty of power ups along the way. If you have a few minutes in your lunch hour this one is a must to pass the time away.

Play It Here

Planet Smash

Planet Smash is a very nice looking vertical scrolling browser-based shmup I stumbled across. The thing that draws me to this game is that is has some of the best pixel graphics I’ve seen for a while which gives it that 16bit retro look and feel and they are also very detailed. The game itself plays like most vertical shmups with wave after wave of enemies coming towards you trying to take you out and then after a while comes your boss battle but you get all this with wonderful pixel graphics. You only get one weapon though to defeat these but you do get power ups to help you along the way. Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Space Bar controls your fire power. Not everyone will like this but it’s well worth a go.

Play It Here

Pixel Gunner

Pixel Gunner is an old style graphics shooter with very simple game play but soon becomes very hectic as you progress through the levels. Your armed with only one weapon which you have to shoot different shapes that scroll across the screen but as you progress you get more and more of these which all fire at you and can sometimes be hard to see as there is a square back ground the same colour as the bullets being fired at you. If you like fast shoots give this one a go.

Download To Follow


Paralyzer is another good browser-based vertical shooter that is more than good enough to give stand-alone shooters of its type a run for its money. It is a Japanese style shooter where you get to choose from three characters each with their own strong points and each with their not so good points and to help you out there are the normal kind of power ups and special weapons for you to collect. Visuals are detailed pixel graphics so look very nice indeed and add to the game a lot. Being a browser game you would expect it to be a push over to play but it’s quite the bullet hell in places and the bosses are rock hard so should keep you at it for a while. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon and X key is your special weapon. It won’t be what everyone will like but its worth a show.

Play It Here

Pocket Invaders

Pocket Invaders is a take on that age-old classic Space Invaders. It’s not an exact remake because the invaders are different and with each new wave that you get to face they layout of the invaders are different but they do move from left to right and slowly down the screen. The game also plays faster or it could be a Vista thing because I get about 2000 fps when playing but it’s still playable. Visuals and sound have been given some polish and colour and it does look nice it just looks different and if you’re a die-hard fan of the original you may not like it but it is quite fun to play. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Space is to fire.

Download To Follow

Pixelator 2

Pixelator 2 is a very simple but addictive vertical shooter that is in the style Galaxians and the like. Game play is simple just shoot everything that comes at you and collect the power ups when they appear as you will need them to get very far in this game as it soon becomes quite the bullet hell type of game once you start to play and you have some pretty tough bosses to defeat as well. Visuals are as the name suggest nice pixel ZX Spectrum style which I think are cool as I love the retro feel it gives the game. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z keys is your primary weapon and X key is you bomb. It may be a Game Maker game but its as hard as hell.

Download From Here

Pumpkin Patch

I know Halloween was a while ago so this game is a little late but it’s a nice little arena shooter so I thought it deserved another showing. Not a lot to this game you just have to stop the ghosts stealing your pumpkins and collect the treats which are left after you have shot a ghost and that’s pretty much all there is to it. There are a few power ups along the way to help but they only last for a short while. Graphics are nice pixel graphics so it has that retro feel to it. Choose which controls you want to use from the main menu. If you like getting high scores give this a try.

Download From Here

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