Rainbow Wars

This is a gem of a little Arena Shooter in the same kind of style as Geo Wars and the like. Visuals are nice Vector graphics that look very nice indeed. You start on easy level which has 10 rounds and you must complete this before moving onto the next difficulty level which does crank up the amount of enemies straight away. Controls are WASD to move with mouse control for aiming and shooting or you can use a Dual Analogue joy pad which I found to be the easiest to use. There are powers ups aplenty to help you along the way just look for them popping up. This really is a nice little fun game to play. If you want it to run on Vista though you need to convert the .EXE file. You can download the conversion tool from Here . It is worth the hassle of converting the file.

Download From Here

Rozen Diadem

Rozen Diadem is bought to you by the same people who made the game Hector 39. The difference this time is that this is a Cute Em Up and you can change between 2 characters instead of having a weapon that clears the screen of everything. However a Cute Em Up it maybe but it still has bullets a plenty being fired at you so it is no push over. Graphic are once again very colourful with sound effects to match the atmosphere of the game. Controls are Cursor Keys to move Z is your main weapon X swaps between characters and C slows you down as you move around the screen. This is only a one level demo at the minute but there is due to be an updated version released around 11 Oct 2008 so this is just to give you a taster of what is to become another great shooter.

Dwonload From Here

Raving Ones

Raven Ones is a vertical scrolling shooter that I found over on YoYo games. The game itself isn’t a bad little shooter my only gripe is that the enemy is sometimes difficult to see because the background for this game look as though they are hand painted and do look really nice as do the enemy graphics in the game and you also get the normal kind of power ups along the way to collect. Don’t let that put you off though because on the higher difficulty settings this is quite a hard little game to crack so its worth a download just for that reason. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z is for your Straight shot, X is for spread shot, C is for your special weapon and Space Bar is to slow you down for more accuracy. You can also re configure the keys and a joypad if you want to from the main menu.

Download From Here

Retro Blaster

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this little retro style vertical shooter which is a cross between Space Invaders and Galaga is the nearest thing I can describe it as. The game starts af quite easy with just a few bad guys on the screen but as you progress through the waves each one becomes hard with more bad guys that do their best to destroy you some of them even have guided bullets to try to take you out but never fear because there are plenty of different power ups for you to collect along the way to help you out. The visuals are very retro 8 Bit style aliens and sound is also good with a cool retro tune playing away in the back ground. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Ctrl is your primary weapon, Z Key is your special weapon and Alt Key is for using the power ups that you collect. It’s a strange layout of  keys but you soon get used to it with practice.

Download From Here


AuthenticKaizen sent me this side scrolling shooter a few weeks back and thought it deserved a showing. The best way to describe this game is remake of that old classic Defender with a few new touches. One of those new touches is that when you destroy something it explodes and scatters fruit  over the screen for you to collect for extra points not sure what fruits have to do with space but its different and you also get power ups along the way to collect too. The other new touch is the nice new colourful graphics and background that have scan lines on them to make the whole thing look retro and I have to say it does look nice. Sadly there is no hyper space button for you to hit when things get busy which in the latter levels would have been quite nice but it’s still worth a download if you’re a fan of the original.

Download From Here

Raiden III

Now for me this has to be the best of all the Vertical Shoot Em series there is and what makes it more special is that this time you can play it on your PC. Raiden goes along way back and was always thought of  being one of the best in this style when first released in the arcades and when Raiden III was released a couple of years ago they didn’t let us down with a great shooter. As with all the series there are plenty of power ups to help you along the way to destroy the vast amount of enemies and big bosses that you get to meet along the way. The visuals and sound for this game are brilliant with massive explosions and nice backgrounds and I can only think of Soldner X which has better but for a shooter that is around three years old this one holds its own against the rest of them controls are keyboard or Joypad which is the one I would Suggest. If you’re a Shmup fan you must really try this one out. You can still buy it if you like from Play Asia but after a quick google I found the link below. I haven’t tried the download from the link as I was given this game as a gift for Christmas and very welcome it was too so if you’ve not tried it yet give it a go it’s a real must have game.

Download From Here

Raiden II

Another classic here for you a few weeks back I bought you Raiden 3 which got lots of hits on here so I thought I would bring you the earlier Raiden 2. It’s a tough little game like them all and if you’re a fan of the series this one is well worth a look. I won’t go on about the difference so go download it now!! Controls are Cursor Keys to Move, Z is your primary weapon and X key is you special weapon you can also use a Joy Pad if you so wish.

Download From Here

Retro Shoot

Retro Shoot as the name suggests is a retro style shooter with very nice looking retro visuals which I’m very fond of indeed. It looks like a normal vertical shmup to start but as you get into the game you soon find that you rotate so that you are either horizontal or indeed upside down playing just to keep you guessing. Enemies are a plenty and come in various forms and you also have lots of power ups to help you along as some of the levels soon become very crowed so full power is what you need. Everything is mouse controlled and it is also auto fire so you just need to look where you are going. I’ve played this for hours at a time and still keep coming back for more.

Play It Here

RefRain Prism Memories

I’ve been watching this game for a long time and finally managed to get my hands on a trial version from a friend over on Doujin Style and I’m pleased to say that so far it’s been worth the wait. It’s a pretty straight forward vertical shmup that just has something that makes it feel right in a strange kind of way it’s got loads of bullets and some real tough enemies they are all intent on destroying you. You get to choose from two ships when you start each with weapons that are different so it’s a case of choose your favorite how ever I didn’t manage to find any power ups for your ships two weapons but I don’t think you need them because this is about skill aswell as destruction. Graphics are nice and detailed and play very smooth it also has some nice back grounds for yo to fly over. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Keys is your primary weapon and X Key is you special weapon which is a powerful laser blast very nice indeed. Most of you should like this so its worth a download.

Download From Here

Retro Vaders

I was in two minds what to post today then I thought I’ve posted a lot of manic shooters so for a change I came across a remake of the age-old classic Space Invaders which is what RetroVaders is. There is no point in me going on too much as the game is pretty much the same as it has always been but with a few touches to change it a little most of which are visual and are just a nice change from the normal mono style visuals of Space Invaders.  Controls are Cursor Keys to move and Space Bar to fire.  If you fancy a nice relaxing change give this one a go it’s well worth it.

Download From Here

Robot And Ufo

Robot And Ufo is a cool timed shooter which means you have  two  minutes to get the highest score you can by blasting away wave after wave of Ufo’s until your time runs out you also have to make sure they don’t take your robots which you are protecting because once their gone it’s game over. There are no power ups just button bashing fun in this game. Graphics are nice and retro so fans of computer games from long ago will love this. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Z key to fire.

Download From Here

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