Houichi Plus

I bring you today what is probably the strangest game I’ve played in a long while but I thought it deserved a mention. Houichi Plus is a horizontal shooter in which your character is a dog something I’ve never seen before and you have to shoot al manner of enemy from giant pigs to cups as well as many other strange figures. You get your normal power ups along the way and looking at the game you wouldn’t think you would need them but trust me you do there is no real plot you just have to destroy things. Graphics are good but they look like they have been cut out of paper but there is plenty of detail and everything plays along nice and smooth. Controls from what I can make out are joypad only but I’m sure there is a keyboard option if you can read japanese. This game is aimed at kids really but it’s still worth a moment of your time.

Download From Here

Hector 39

I found this little gem of a Japanese shooter over on Shoot To The Core forum. Its nice little game that will keep you busy for a while. There are four difficulty levels starting from Basic which you can pretty much complete with your eyes closed up to Hard which is a real bullet fest. Graphics and sound on this are excellent as is the game itself. Controls are Cursor Keys to move Z is your main shot X is you super weapon which clears the screen of everything and not quite sure what C keys does yet I’ve not worked it out it does something but not sure what maybe someone could tell me. Its well worth a download is this one.

Download From Here

Hyper Wars

Hyper Wars is a vertical scrolling shooter made with Game Maker. This game brings back fond memories of the first Nintendo Game Boy in that the graphics are two-tone monochrome just like the Game Boy was and they are also very detailed but to get the Game Boy effect you need to play this in windowed mode which for me is when this game comes to life. The sound effects and music  also mix very well with the game and just for that added touch between each level you get view some cut scenes which are quite good to. As you play things start off nice and easy but as you progress through the levels things soon get very difficult which is where the many power ups come into force that you collect along the way. The author is also working on adding mini games to the finished product and I’ve played one of them and once the game becomes complete I think it will be one of the best shooters made for a while so I will keep you posted on any updates that come along. Controls are either Keyboard or JoyPad and I found it best to reconfigure you in games keys from the main menu to what suits you best. A nice little shooter to see this year out on and to luck forward  to next year.

Download From Here


This has to be one of the most complicated vertical shooters I’ve ever come across but having said that it’s a good one. It’s been around for a while but I never got round to posting about it and thought it was about time. It’s has all the normal kind of shmup things like power ups special weapons and lots and lots of bullets ane enemies some of which you can kill and some that you can’t. Visuals are very nice and detailed and make the game really nice to look at and play. I really don’t know what else to say other than download it and give it a go maybe you will understand it better than me. For controls I’d use a game pad and forget about the keyboard this ia a game pad game.

Download From Here

Hanuro Hawk

Hanuro Hawk is a timed level vertical shooter that caught my attention whilst on The Daily Click and is a very good example of what can be created with the likes of Multi Media Fusion type software. In each level you have a set amount of time to get the best score you can before moving onto the next level and to help you out you get only one weapon but by collecting icons left by destroyed enemies you can change that to a different kind of weapon there are quite a few different ones to choose from each with a different power so be sure to choose the right to ensure you get the highest score you can. Graphics are very nice and detailed and the music also fits in nice with the action in the game I hate music that is there just for the sake of it so this makes a nice change. Controls are cursor keys to move and shift key is you fire button game pad control is also an option. It’s not the most exciting but well worth a download and one more thing no end of level boss to contend with.

Download From Here

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