Frantic is another browser-based vertical shooter that I happened to come across a few nights ago. I normally class browser-based games as something to do when you have five minutes to spare but with this I’ve been proved wrong because I can’t leave this alone I keep going back for more. It’s a game of big high scores and bullet hell madness and the simple game play combined with the in-game options that keep bringing me back. You get the choice of three ships and you collect money to add to your craft to make it a killing machine aswell as free power ups for you to collect and it has nice visuals with a touch of 8 bit style graphics which keeps it retro. The controls are various so just choose which suit you on the main menu. You have to give this a go.

Play It Here

Flying Steel

Flying Steel is a vertical scrolling shooter that is in the same vein as the 1942 series of arcade games which was what got me hooked on shooters in the first place. You have both ground and air enemies to destroy and although they start out easy the difficulty level soon gets hard as you progress through the levels so it is no push over. visuals are all nice and retro and it has some of the loudest explosions I’ve ever heard so if you like things old retro give this a go.

Play It Here

Final Match

A nice but strange Japanese vertical shmup for you here with some rather odd characters. You play the part of a guy with a base-ball bat who has to destroy all manner of enemies that are trying to seal your fate. The enemies in question tend to be females who are hell-bent on destroying you at whatever cost to help you stop them you get a choice of one of three weapons you have to choose each of which can be powered up by catching falling icons and you also get a special weapon which varies depending on what you primary weapon is and some of them are strange indeed. You also get some mid and end of level bosses who fire more bullets than I care to mention. Graphics are very nice and colourful and cute with sound effects and music that also fit in well with the game. Controls are Cursor Keys to Move, Z Key is your Primary weapon and X and C Keys are your Special Weapons and you can also use a Game Pad if you like. It’s only a trial version of the game but its well worth a look.

Download From Here

Final Boss

I bring you a demo of a very retro looking vertical shooter that is shaping up very nice indeed. It’s quite a fast paced shooter from the word go and the screen soon becomes full of enemy ships and bullets some of which are easy to destroy and others that take a while to take out and the bosses in this game a very hard and seem to take an age to destroy. You only get one weapon at the minute however if you tap the fire button instead of holding your finger on it you do get a more powerful bullet I found this method best. Graphics are two-tone orange and green but look nice and detailed and remind me of the ZX Spectrum style graphics. Controls are cursor keys to move and Z key is your fire button or you can use a game pad if you wish. A Promising looking shooter this one to keep an eye on.

Download It Here


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