If you read a few posts back I posted about Dog Fight 2. Well just thought id put the first version of this game up as it plays a little bit different and is a little bit harder to complete.

Play It Here

Dogfight 2

I’m not normally a fan of browser-based games but when I saw the screen shot of this on the Blitz forum I felt the urge to try this one out. The main aim is as the title suggests DogFighting which means you have to avoid being shot while doing twists and turns in the air at the same time trying to shot the enemy down. Simple as it may seem things soon begin to hot up as you  progress through the levels. Graphics are nice with attention to detail as is the sound when you drop your bombs. Controls are Cursor keys to move Space to fire and CTRL to drop your bombs. This won’t appeal to hardened shmup fans but if you like a nice steady game to while away 10 minutes give this one a go.

Play It Here

Demolition Gunner

Demolition Gunner has been around for a while now and I still find it a good bullet fest today. It a Vertical scrolling shooter from the Dark Angel Company who have quite a few games out for you to play. In this one there are four Difficulty levels to try and trust me you will be playing on the easy setting for a while because on the harder level setting the screen is full of bullets. Power ups are there but they just increase the amount of bullets that you fire and you can also protect yourself with shields with is a nice plus as you will need them. Graphics and sound are both very good in this with nice big explosions. Another twist is when you get to the boss at the end of a level you only have a short amount of time to finish him off. Controls are Z Keys is your main weapon X is a more powerful weapon which you will need to take out the bigger enemy’s on the screen and Cursor Keys to move. It also supports Gamepad control aswell. It’s not the longest game to finish but good fun al the same.

Download From Here


Demonstration is vertical scrolling shooter I spot over on The 2 Bears site the other. Its only what the name says at the minute in fact the last time I checked it has now changed name to Sole Sinner. It got nice 16Bit style graphics and plays like an old school shooter to me which is how I like my shmups brings back memories of a misspent youth. There isn’t much more to say at the minute as it’s in its early stages. Its one to keep an eye on though so why not check it out.

Download From Here

Diadra Empty

Diadra Empty is in the style of that age-old classic Defender in that in the play area you can either go left or go right depending on where the enemy is on your radar screen at the bottom of the screen and this is just about as close as it gets because it has some the very bright and colourful visuals and some really cool looking bosses and special weapons which I can’t get my head round just yet and a whole load of other stuff that just makes the game a good one. Controls are on the main menu but if I was you I would use a joypad. If you liked Defender you will love this.

Download From Here

Death V Monster

A nice little arena shooter for you to try that I got via Shoot The Core . there really isn’t enough of this kind of game out there and although this is a browser-based game it’s quite challenging. It’s all mouse controlled which makes it a game to pick up and put down but it does become difficult on the later levels but never fear because after each level you get to buy power ups to help you out depending how much gold you collected in the previous level so it’s a collect em shoot em up in a way. Visuals are nice and cartoon looking with lots of varied baddies to shoot at which makes it nice and enjoyable to play. Give it go now you know you want to.

Play It Here

Die Feen

This is a kind of relaxing kind of horizontal shmup in a way I can’t quite put my finger on it whether it’s because of the relaxing music or the cute looking visuals but you just seem relaxed when playing this. However its no push over because as soon as you start you have more bullets flying at you than you can cope with as well as enemies coming at you from front and back. To help you have your normal primary and bomb weapons and you can also choose different firing patterns that each are use full at different times so be prepared to change them a lot and you also get to choose from characters to use each with different good and bad points. This is only a two level demo  but it’s well worth a try so you can have a nice relax.

Download From Here

Duality ZF

Now I don’t normally post about console games but with this game for the Xbox 360 I’m willing to make an exception. Duality ZF is a vertical shmup from Xona Games. Its old school 2D action with some really cool looking visuals that are very detailed and make the game very nice to look at. As the game isn’t released yet I’ve not had chance to get my hands on it but looking at the video of the game and the screen shots this is looking to be one hell of a game check it out now!! and as soon as it’s released I’ll be posting it here.

Check It Out Here

Dancing Marina

I’m not sure where they found the name for this one but I’m guessing the Marina is the name of the girl you control in this browser-based vertical shooter. It’s quite a hard game to get your teeth into things start nice and easy but soon become more difficult as you progress. Various enemies come towards you as do floating islands and guided mines that you don’t want to be anywhere near when they go off and to help you along you get few different weapons which change as you power up and if you can’t avoid the on coming baddies just dive under the water to miss them. Visuals are quite good and there is a thumping sound track playing in the background. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon and X is to make you dive under the water. If you have a spare few minutes give this one a go.

Play It Here

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