I’m Back

Thats right topshmups is back but this time it is just me (Mikey) who will be posting and finding new games.

After the comments and emails about the end of topshmups I have decided to go it alone and keep on bringing new shooters to you all. I’ll post as and when I can now I’m on my own but now and then is better than never.

Watch this space for a post very soon

Mikey (Admin)


3 responses to “I’m Back

  1. I just wanted to wish you good luck. The Shooter community needs as many good resources as possible and I really appreciate your efforts!

  2. Great to have you back Mikey. The loss of Shoot the Core was a major blow to shmup fans and then to lose your updates was a real bummer. Shmupdom needs all the news downloads it can get . . .so great to greet you once more

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