Extra is a vertical shooter that has a nice retro feel and is similar to Patriot Dark. From the start of the game you are under attack from both ground and air enemies which seem intent on your destruction. To help avoid that you have three weapons all which can be powered up through out by collecting power up icons to give you a boost once fully powered up the enemy is no longer a problem once you reach the end of the level you have a boss to take out all of which are nice and detailed. When you start you also get a choice of two ships to choose from each with different weapons so its down to you to choose which suits you best. As I said graphics are nice and retro and are nice and detailed so you can see what is what. I could only get a game pad to work on this so I’m not sure if there are any keyboard controls which I’m sure there is you just have to find then. Nice shmup this give it a go.

Works With Vista And Windows 7

Download From Here


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