The Embodiment Of Scarlett Devil (8 Bit Style)

Do you ever remember seeing a Doujin Shmup when you owned your first ever 8 Bit computer all those years ago? Well this little vertical shooter I stumbled across over on Doujin Style Is just that except it’s made for the PC with retro 8 Bit style graphics and music and sound effects and I think it’s the only one there is so gaming fans from the 80’s will love it. It looks very much like The Embodiment Of Scarlett Devil I’ve not compared them to close but it looks pretty close. I can’t really say a lot about it other than download it and give it a try controls are cursor keys to move, Z key is your main weapon and X key is your special weapon. If ever you thought something was missing when you had you Commodore 64 this is what could have been back then.

Download From Here

Venom Strike

A bit of a retro vertical shooter for you today to cast your eyes over. Venom Strike is and addictive game that looks and plays a lot like the arcade hit Xevious in that you have both air and ground targets to take but to do so you have to use the right weapon to do this as when you fire you not only shoot bullets in the air but also on the ground¬† at the same time so keep your eyes open also to help you out there are a few power ups to beef up you weapons. Graphics are really retro and have that 1980’s feel to them and the game plays nice and smooth. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Z key to fire.¬† One for the retro fans this one.

Works With Vista And Windows 7

Download From Here