Hanuro Hawk

Hanuro Hawk is a timed level vertical shooter that caught my attention whilst on The Daily Click and is a very good example of what can be created with the likes of Multi Media Fusion type software. In each level you have a set amount of time to get the best score you can before moving onto the next level and to help you out you get only one weapon but by collecting icons left by destroyed enemies you can change that to a different kind of weapon there are quite a few different ones to choose from each with a different power so be sure to choose the right to ensure you get the highest score you can. Graphics are very nice and detailed and the music also fits in nice with the action in the game I hate music that is there just for the sake of it so this makes a nice change. Controls are cursor keys to move and shift key is you fire button game pad control is also an option. Its not the most exciting but well worth a download and one more thing no end of level boss to contend with.

Download From Here

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