Explosionaid Xbox360

As promised I bring you my thoughts on Mommys Best Games Explosionaid but bear in mind I had the windows beta to try so things may be a little different in the finished game. It’s not what I would call a shmup it’s more of a platform shooter but you shoot things so it deserves a mention. The game play itself takes place in a single room at a time and gives you various enemies to dispose of some of which go easy and others who are just a pain also there is a puzzle element to it in which you have to find the fastest way to collect all the gold before you move onto the next level and if you manage to destroy all the enemy you also get a bonus for that and of course you have to try to complete each level in 30 seconds to really beef your score up and that’s all there is to it really. Level design is good with some easy layouts and some more difficult the higher the level you are on and not forgetting some pretty huge bosses as well some which made me chuckle, you can also adjust the speed of which you play the game which also helps if your new to the kind of game. Sound and Graphics are as to be expected from mommy best games very colourful and detailed a style they have all to themselves and the sound effect fit in nice too. The only downside is it looks like Xbox 360 only so windows user are going to miss out on cool platform shooter that any shooter fan would like in their collection.

Check It Out Here


Edens Aegis

I’m back with another classic Japanese shump for you all to try. Edens Aegis is a vertical shooter however this is only a demo but if the finished product lives up to this demo you’re in for a treat. This is what you’d call a bullet hell shooter because I ain’t seen some many bullets in some of the best looking patterns for a long time so plenty of dodging to do and as with most shmups you get a mid level boss as well as end of level boss which take some beating. To help you along you have three weapons which are your primary weapon then your first special weapon and last of all you bomb which clears pretty much everything on-screen. Visuals are nice and colourful and at time the screen is a mass of different colours so can be a little hard to see whats going on but your eyes soon get used to it. Controls are Cursor keys to move, Z Key is your primary weapon, X Key is your first special weapon and C Key is your bomb and you can also use a joy pad if you like. There’s not many new shumps out there at the minute so don’t let this one pass you by.

Download From Here

Exceed 3rd Jade Penetrate – Black Package

After a long wait the first trial for Exceed 3rd The Black Package has finally arrived and I’m pleased to say that it is looking mighty good compared to some of the other Exceed games. This version has ticked all the boxes so far you have loads of enemies and some huge mid level bosses and more than anything it has some really nice bullet patterns for you to dodge your way through and the end of level bosses seem to take an age to destroy. To help you have three weapons to choose from you have your primary weapon and you have lock on lasers and if they fail you have your bombs to destroy everything in your path. The visuals and music are both excellent through out and complement each other all the time. Controls are Cursor Keys to Move, Z is your Primary Weapon, X is your Lock On Lasers and C Key is your Bombs or you can use a game pad if you like. This is a must for any fan of the series.

Download From Here

Exceed 3rd Jade Penetrate

As the new trial version Exceed 3rd Jade Penetrate The Black Package has been released I thought I’d remind everyone off the previous version. It has pretty much the same game play but I think the enemies in this version are a lot harder and there are alot more of them to deal with. Bullets also seem to be everywhere too which I think makes this version that much harder to complete. visuals are of the same standard as is the rock music playing in the background in fact it is hard to say which is better in the sound and visual department. I’ll leave it for you to give it a try and see which is best.

Download From Here


Extra is a vertical shooter that has a nice retro feel and is similar to Patriot Dark. From the start of the game you are under attack from both ground and air enemies which seem intent on your destruction. To help avoid that you have three weapons all which can be powered up through out by collecting power up icons to give you a boost once fully powered up the enemy is no longer a problem once you reach the end of the level you have a boss to take out all of which are nice and detailed. When you start you also get a choice of two ships to choose from each with different weapons so its down to you to choose which suits you best. As I said graphics are nice and retro and are nice and detailed so you can see what is what. I could only get a game pad to work on this so I’m not sure if there are any keyboard controls which I’m sure there is you just have to find then. Nice shmup this give it a go.

Download From Here


Eclosion is a cool vertical shooter that is quite a challenge but at the same time it gives you the feeling that you have played it before it’s hard to describe really. You get all the normal kind of thing that you would expect in a shmup from some nice looking bullet patterns to some pretty impressive bosses fr you to defeat along the way there is the odd power up to collect but these are few and far between but as long as you choose the right ship you don’t really need them whats more important is to collect the bombs to up you fire power in the boss battles. Graphics are nice and colourful and it plays really smooth een when the screen is full of bullets and enemies. Controls are cursor keys to move, Z keys is you fire button and X key is for your bombs. It’s been a while since I found a shooter I really liked until I found this one it’s well worth a try.

Download From Here


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