Tile Massacre

There are two types of gameplay in Tile Massacre; stages alternate between standard, top-down shooter stages and something more akin to a run-and-gun, where you control a character attempting to make their way to the top of a stage. The catch is that you ‘build’ the latter stages as part of the former: during the top-down shooter sections of the game, a series of tiles falls from the top of the screen. When shot, these become part of the stage that you’ll play through during the run-and-gun sections of the game. Some of these are walls (which can be destroyed during the run-and-gun sequences) while others are pits (which are impassable). There is a bonus for duplicating a given ‘target’ stage, but this is not a requirement- stages can be built to be easy to traverse or to block enemy generators.

It’s an interesting concept, but unfortunately the implementation isn’t quite up to snuff. I found the game’s pacing fairly sedate; the “level-building” shooter sections are easy if you ignore the recommended layout and tedious if you don’t. The run-and-gun sections, likewise, can be either easy or difficult depending on their layout, though dashing through them seems to work fairly reliably.

Works With Mac OS

Reviewed By Strider

Download From Here

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