Mooncrest is a remake of the classic arcade game of the same name which is a cross between space invaders and galaxians. This is from a time when shooters were designed to be hard and in this remake the difficulties of the game are pretty much the same as in the arcade version and as with most games of this time no special weapons just you and your reflexes. Graphics have been redone but kept in the same style as the original which makes it real retro looking whilst still playing nice and smooth. Controls are cursor keys to move and any key to fire. This game is a tough as they come and deserves a download.

Download From Here

Mission X

Mission X is a side scrolling shmup that is made in Java although you don’t have to have Java installed for this to work so it should work for everyone. What you have is an old school feeling shmup that should keep you busy for a while even though it only has four levels however these levels are quite long and I’m told that more are going to be added in the future. In the game you get quite a few power ups to help you destroy the enemy these range from speed upgrades to lasers and shields so be sure to collect as many as you can as in the higher difficulty level you get a hell of a lot of bullets coming at you so you need them as you reach the end of the level you get your normal boss shoot out and these are quite easy to destroy. Graphics are kind of flat 2D style and are very detailed and look the part as does the scrolling background and the whole games play very smooth. Controls are Mouse controlled or Gamepad and I felt it played better with a gamepad pad it made it slighty more difficult. Not a bad little shooter well worth a download.

Download From Here

Meteor Defence

Meteor Defence is a nice retro looking horizontal shooter I came across over on Acoders site. It’s a real old style shooter that bought back many memories with its simple gameplay style which is to avoid the meteor’s and destroy the enemy before the destroy you all together each time you miss a bad guy you lose a life but fear not because along the way there is the odd power up for you to collect although these only last a short time so make the most of them and if you get through you get to do battle with some very nice looking bosses before you progress. Graphics are very nice 16 bit style and really look good in this retro game as does the speech that you get through out the game. Controls are cursor keys to move and Ctrl is you fire button. A nice old school shooter here give it go you just might like it.

Download From Here

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