Void Lights

I found this little horizontal shooter over on The 2 Bears site and it reminded me of the ZX Spectrum days with its monochrome looking graphics. It’s quite a simple little game you just fly through a cavern and shoot things and avoid anything shot back at you and collect the power ups along the way to improve your fire power. The graphics are what I really like it gives you that retro feeling from the 8 Bit computer days. Controls are Cursor keys to move, X is your fire button, C changes your options around and Z clears the screen of anything being fired at you. If you like Retro stuff give this one a go.

Download From Here

Visionary Wings

This is a three level demo of a game that has been sitting on my hard drive for a while and the game itself as also been around for a while and I thought it deserved another outing. It’s a vertical scrolling shooter that has some very nice visuals and soothing music to ease you into a game that if set on the higher difficulty level is quite the bullet hell with some really good-looking bullet patterns. To help you along the way you have two special weapons one being a sword which clears the path in front of you as long as you keep you sword level topped up by collecting orbs and the other is your standard bomb which clears the screen of the hail of bullets being fired at you and just for good measure you have some pretty tough bosses to get past before you go onto the next level. Controls are Cursor Keys to move, Z Key is your main spread shot hold this key down concentrates what you are firing, X Key is your sword and C Key is your special weapon you can also use a joypad if you wish. This game is worth a look just for the visuals alone and I’m just the full version is awesome but I haven’t managed to find it as of yet.

Download From Here


Vulkaiser is a 2 level demo of a nice horizontal shooter from AstroPort it was released in 2007 but there is still a demo for you to try your hands at if you so wish. Depending which difficulty level you have it set at it can be quite easy are down right hard if you dare try the harder level setting and it even becomes a bullet hell game at times but there are plenty of power ups to help you out along the way. Visuals are nice and colourful as always with AstroPort games with a high level of detail too as are the in-game sounds and music. Its only two levels but its a nice little game and if you like it a lot you could always buy it. Controls are Cursor Keys to Move, Z Key is your main weapon and X is your special weapon you can also use a Joy Pad if you so wish.

Download From Here

Venom Strike

A bit of a retro vertical shooter for you today to cast your eyes over. Venom Strike is and addictive game that looks and plays a lot like the arcade hit Xevious in that you have both air and ground targets to take but to do so you have to use the right weapon to do this as when you fire you not only shoot bullets in the air but also on the ground  at the same time so keep your eyes open also to help you out there are a few power ups to beef up you weapons. Graphics are really retro and have that 1980’s feel to them and the game plays nice and smooth. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Z key to fire.  One for the retro fans this one.

Download From Here


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