Shoot 1 Up (Xbox360)

I’d already been keeping an eye on the progress of this when Nathan at Mommys Best Games contacted and asked if I was interested in reviewing a new shmup almost ready for release and I jumped at the chance. Shoot 1 Up isn’t your normal vertical shooter because instead of collecting power ups in this game you collect 1Up’s which give you another ship that fights alongside you and if you keep on collecting you get more ships to fight alongside you I got up to having 20 ship’s firing away now that’s what I call fire power also along the way you get to choose the direction your game takes so you don’t always have to play it in vertical mode. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes and are constant from the start and should you get to the end of the level you get to take on some pretty awesome bosses that have been really well designed and are nice and detailed as are the graphics through out this game. If you get tired of playing by yourself you can play in co-op mode if you have a friend handy and that is real good fun so be sure to invite your mates round also if you want to play it like a normal shmup there is an option in there for that as well you get the same amount of bosses but only one ship so be warned. The one downside to this game though is that PC owners will have to wait a while as it’s being released on Xbox Arcade first. I played a review copy on my PC thanks to Nathan and I’m told there will be a few more tweaks before the games is released. Xbox owners are in for a treat with this one so keep an eye open for it.

Check It Out Here


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