7 Servant’s Blade

This vertical shmup has been around for a few years now and every now and then gets a bit of an upgrade and this is the latest of those upgrades. The game has a very dark and haunting style to it from the off with all kinds of nasty creatures of the night for you to take care of infact it can sometimes be difficult to see when the background gets very but this just adds to the mood of the game. You have a few weapons to help you out you have your main shot then you have a secondary weapon which fire a single sword which I’m guessing is quite powerful then you have your special weapon which is a beast when used. Graphics as I said are very dark but behind that they are nice and detailed and pretty nice to look at the music also adds to the atmosphere. Controls are cursor keys to move, Z key is your primary weapon,x X key is your secondary weapon and C key is you special weapon or you can use a gamepad if you so wish. If you like dark haunting games this is for you.

Works With Vista

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Eclosion is a cool vertical shooter that is quite a challenge but at the same time it gives you the feeling that you have played it before it’s hard to describe really. You get all the normal kind of thing that you would expect in a shmup from some nice looking bullet patterns to some pretty impressive bosses fr you to defeat along the way there is the odd power up to collect but these are few and far between but as long as you choose the right ship you don’t really need them whats more important is to collect the bombs to up you fire power in the boss battles. Graphics are nice and colourful and it plays really smooth een when the screen is full of bullets and enemies. Controls are cursor keys to move, Z keys is you fire button and X key is for your bombs. It’s been a while since I found a shooter I really liked until I found this one it’s well worth a try.

Works With Vista

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Tile Massacre

There are two types of gameplay in Tile Massacre; stages alternate between standard, top-down shooter stages and something more akin to a run-and-gun, where you control a character attempting to make their way to the top of a stage. The catch is that you ‘build’ the latter stages as part of the former: during the top-down shooter sections of the game, a series of tiles falls from the top of the screen. When shot, these become part of the stage that you’ll play through during the run-and-gun sections of the game. Some of these are walls (which can be destroyed during the run-and-gun sequences) while others are pits (which are impassable). There is a bonus for duplicating a given ‘target’ stage, but this is not a requirement- stages can be built to be easy to traverse or to block enemy generators.

It’s an interesting concept, but unfortunately the implementation isn’t quite up to snuff. I found the game’s pacing fairly sedate; the “level-building” shooter sections are easy if you ignore the recommended layout and tedious if you don’t. The run-and-gun sections, likewise, can be either easy or difficult depending on their layout, though dashing through them seems to work fairly reliably.

Works With Mac OS

Reviewed By Strider

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Shoot Things (Mac OS)

As promised I bring you the first Mac OS Shmup on TopShmups reviewed and tested by Strider :-

Shoot Things is a one-stage, horizontally scrolling homage to a number of classic, pre and early NES era games. It’s not a particularly long or challenging game, but it’s solid for what it is. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, but the challenges in the single level are varied enough to keep things interesting- the boss at the end of the game in particular is an entertaining curveball.

I can only hope that this is a prototype for a longer game, although it doesn’t seem to be. The Mac needs more games like this!

Works On Mac Only

Download From Here


I’ve found a pretty nice looking browser vertical shooter for you to try out to in the form of Starmageddon. It may be a flash game but once you get a few levels in things soon start to heat up with loads of enemies coming at you from all directions intent on taking you out all you have to do it shoot them collect the coins then when you’ve destroyed the end of level boss off you go to the shop to spend your hard-earned money on beefing up your weapons then it’s back to the next level to unleash some destruction. Graphics have a nice 16Bit look to them so retro time it is and the sounds effect blend in nice with the game to. Controls are mouse or keyboard you decide which you prefer. It may seem a simple game to start but trust me things do heat up pretty soon in the game.

Play It Here