Abrogator is a little vertical shooter that feels very much like a tech demo at the minute. You aim is to get a higher score as you can whilst a mass of enemy ships stream towards you intent on destroying you and beleave me the will to help you out you only get one weapon so quick reflexes are a must because the screen is always full of  enemy ships. Graphics are pretty good as is the sound and it plays nice and smooth. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Z key to fire. If you have a few minutes to spare this is well worth a download.

Works With Vista

Download  From Here


3 responses to “Abrogator

  1. Yay, that’s one of mine! It’s more a “getting to know you” session with Game Maker 8 really, i have a sequel planned that’ll have far more depth but this was literally the first thing i did with GM8, i deliberately kept it in “simple” mode and it was completed in just over 48 hours.

    It also supports joypad for movement and firing, by the way.

      • As far as rendering goes, GM8 is about the same as GM7 for speed but it apparently handles the actual logic around three times faster so it’ll take more active, moving objects before it chokes and starts to drop frames – i’m running it on a 1.7GHz box with cheap-as-chips Intel onboard video (the Illogistix box is the slowest of the three i run for development) and i’ve had it running impressive numbers of objects before things break.

        Game Maker takes no programming knowledge to get started, but when a user outgrows the drag-and-drop interface there’s the option of dipping into GML scripts for more complex trickery (i did for Abrogator 2, there’s no built in way to produce rings of bullets from a single object so i wrote a little four line script) and eventually writing the entire project in GML. It’s not as fast under pressure as a truly compiled programming language but doing something good is certainly possible.

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